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2018 Video Games with High Rating

The year has delivered a lot of worthy on-screen adventures. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of 2018 video games hits:

Marvel’s Spider-Man

An action-adventure with lots of web-swinging, web-based gadgets, and fluid movement. Fly across New York, complete side objectives, and fight bosses. Have fun with a satisfying and varied combat system and thought-out plot on PS4 or PS5.

God of War

An open-world action-adventure created in a single shot camera style. Control a warrior who travels with his kid. Enjoy father-son dynamics, challenging villains with complex motivations, and a vibrant world. It is the 8th installment in the series, released for PS4. The most emotional story among 2018 video games.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

An RPG with a detailed Middle Ages atmosphere, settlements, and strong characters. Become a knight, learn to fight, and avenge your parents’ death. Participate in kinetic and polished first-person melee combat. Put up with survival mechanics that track hunger and fatigue. Created for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, PS4.

Detroit: Become Human

An adventure into the future high-tech city where androids are ubiquitous and old news. Control three playable characters and participate in multiple fight scenes. Influence the plot by making your own decisions. Spark a war between humans and deviant androids or resolve the conflict peacefully. Available on PS4 and Microsoft Windows.


A city-building survival strategy featuring the alternate 1800s. Humanity strives to survive after a drastic climate change. Gather resources, manage your workers, and keep the life in your city going. There is always a nice carrot to keep you hooked. A bunch of thought-provoking choices and political actions with long-lasting consequences. As well as short-term objectives. Released for PS4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, Xbox One, iOS.

Forza Horizon 4, the Best Among Racing 2018 Video Games

The outstanding racer offers online-shared world or offline competitions. In any case, you get stunning visual quality and a massive array of automobiles. New features are shifting seasons, regularly refreshed challenges and a steady stream of rewards. Available on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S.

Battlefield V

An FPS with better design features, advanced textures, and new maps. The multiplayer is a massive and addictive shooter with bombastic warfare. While the single-player focuses on small-scale stealth. The team dynamics, limited health, and ammo availability make it a challenge for anyone. Enjoy on PS4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.