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🎃NCT Halloween Manito🎃 | Making Halloween treat bags

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  1. Okay if that play station guy turns out to be Jeno, I am all in Squid game right now

  2. Jeno ga jelasin yang mana jeno sama jaemin aja aku udah tau:( wong suara mereka beda

  3. If jeno/jasmin is the triangle/square man in squid game 🦑
    I'm ready to risk my life ‼️

  4. I understand Lucas not being here buh what of ten and win win

  5. 와 쟈니 개귀야워 미쳤나봐 어떡해 진짜

  6. someone else realized the connection Shotaro and Sungchan have. I see it that way, as two soul mates. Needless to say, the Nomin made me laugh out loud jsjsjdjjs.

  7. Renjun should trust Jisung. He know the story :), believe he read the story before go to sleep :p

  8. Jisung was right about there being a whale in the original pinocchio story. Disney just changed it hahah

  9. Jisung yang imut sekarang telah menjadi Jisung yang tampan

  10. Can we have Xiaojun Hendery content in this channel please?
    WayV members are also multitalented. They just need the stage.

  11. I feel bad for laughing but why is it so funny watching Hendery and Xiaojun struggle because of their costume…

  12. That wig must be expensive af it's so pretty and realistic

  13. 7:04 it was getting lowkey creepy when they were talking about how much they liked sweet potato 😅😂


  15. 2:42 I love that Jisung's right about Pinocchio coming out of a whale (happens towards the end of the movie), but Renjun asks if he even watched the same movie 😂

  16. Xiaojun and hendery was so funny I still can’t get over them 🤣🤣

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