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10 Awesome Video Games From 2018 You Probably Missed

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2018 has been quite a year for quality video games. Many have had at least a short stint in the spotlight, but there are even more that have fallen to the wayside. Still thinking of covering 2018’s games as much as possible? Well here are some quality titles you might have missed.

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  1. Honestly how am I supposed to get out of my overdraft please?!

  2. No BF5… But keep cod online only? Cmon fuccboi

  3. Starlink: battle for atlas is definitely in my top 5 of 2018

  4. Been playing the hell out of Into the Breach and recently downloaded That weird animal-man RPG, LOL!! Good to know that’s a decent game.

  5. so games you have not probably not played. but yet you add one of the most played games on steam. that kinda is the opposite of what the title states. lost all credit from me there.

  6. To be fair I am sure that Mutant Year Zero saw a bit of a bump today.

  7. Life is strange 2 does not deserve to be on this list.

  8. Starlink is so obviously a rip off of no mans sky


  10. Mutants Year Zero was such a disappointing. It has great atmoshpere and wibe to it's world, but is just a shell of a game. Every feature in it is like it's a schoolboy who got stuck in 1st grade. And combat mechanic is heavily scripted and annoying. And story? There is almost no story for an RPG game.

  11. Whats the game in the thumbnail?? Anyone know?

  12. Well done WhatCulture! Consistently bad. Just because you read your script fast and insert terrible excuses for humour, it doesn't make your, often mislabelled, videos interesting.

  13. Terrible video..you don't even stick to your title…just laziness on your part. Stopped watching when I saw the #1 played steam game from 2015….fucking quack

  14. Make 8 reasons why PS4 is easily better than Nintendo switch.

  15. Very very very solid list. I have played a lot of underground gems this year and you mentioned many of them. But I still learned about a few from you so great job.

  16. Doesn’t look as though I missed anything. Wouldn’t have played any of these anyway.

  17. Talk S-L-O-W-E-R… And preferably without yelling in to the mic! 👎

  18. A Way Out! How could you forget a Way Out?

  19. First let me say thank you so much, I love all your videos but this one in particular really helped me. I picked up 4 games from your list. That said I have one future request… please post the list in the description as well as what platform each is available for… Having to scroll back to find title names so I can search for them on my consoles marketplace is a bit of a pain.☹️ Thank you!😀

  20. I knew I wasn't crazy about the bo4 hit detections

  21. Anyone knows the song at the end?

  22. Cross code. Hollow Knight. Celeste. Dead Cells. The Messenger. You're welcome

  23. I have the feeling that you were taking the piss with this list: Fire Pro Wrestling World? Life is Strange 2 isn´t even complete yet! Rainbow Six Siege?!? And a mobile game? There are maybe two or three actually good games here and I´m only interested in Into the Breach and Mutant Year Zero.

  24. I didn't look into the pros and cons between physical and digital for Starlink. I wanted the Switch version to get the awesome Arwing and wouldn't care about the other ships. The Arwing is cool and I have it displaying. But the game is fun. Confusing because I don't know what does what but it controls great and I love that the Star Fox Team is fully voiced and added into the story.

    I didn't even know Mutant Year Zero came out. Did a quick Google search and it came out Dec. 4th, same week as Smash. Anything coming out that week would most likely get overlooked.

  25. I love StarLink, but yeah…the way it's set up is weird. Upside though, is that it's a toys to life game that doesn't NEED the toys. So haters should just buy the digital deluxe edition ( or whatever the actual name for it is ) that gives you everything and enjoy one of the best space shooter games ever made without having to bother with any extra peripherals

  26. Pffft. Only need warframe, no need for any of these

  27. The gameplay of mutant year zero is probably what turned ppl off

  28. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice now that is a hidden gem

  29. I highly recommended both games in the life is strange series.

  30. Sorry guys. I work full-time, also raising two kids, and maintaining a household along with a marriage. I don't have endless hours to sit around and play stacks of video games.

  31. Minus battlefield5? It's better than COD and Rainbow six.

  32. Speaking at a million miles an hour, is not nice for viewers pal…

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