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10 best new games of September 2018

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Best New Games of September 2018. Every month we list the ten games we think are worth mentioning. In September we see the first major releases before we ramp up to the busiest period in the video games season. You can expect some web slinging, lots of epic dunks and the return of our favorite female game hero. Enough stuff to talk about, so let’s start with the 10 Best New Games of September 2018.


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  1. Sports games are trash and you play them youre trash, and if you plau ultimate teams and buy the virtual currency you're the reason microtransactions are so prevalent.

  2. I just got the trailer for tomb raider right before the video

  3. Spiderman gonna outsell tomb raider on all platforms put together

  4. Mai shiranui clearly saw a particular video and forgot to say "Bitch im a cow…..moooooooo"

  5. So xbox lost exclusivity of tomb raider

  6. Hope valkryia chronicles 4 flops badly for betraying PlayStation

  7. SNK……how you ruined my KOF Godesses and just increased the images on the 34 folder.

  8. Wow all of these except Valkyrie fucking suck

  9. Shadow of the tomb raider
    Valkyria chronicles 4
    Dragon quest XI
    Life is strange 2

    Why.. why… why are you all released on the same month!?

  10. The click bate was too much for me to resist, I knew I wasn't going to love the video but knowing I won't hate it combined with boobs I just couldn't scroll past it

  11. Dragon Quest XI and Spiderman! Enough said.

  12. WHERE THE FUCK IS FALLOUT76 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  13. Did anyone else have 5 Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailers play during the video? This is pretty annoying.

  14. As someone who provided voice work for Pathfinder: Kingmaker I'm excited to FINALLY see it on a "Top 10 games of September" list.

  15. WTF tomb raider did you saw the underwater level?!?

  16. Life is strange 2 and shadow of the tombraider

  17. Is it just me or is this channel very politically correct ?

  18. Not to mention the number of doujin on dragon quest 11 just by being released on jp alone?

  19. Already picked up Spider-Man, might get Dragon Quest, but not yet. Tough to say if I want SNK Heroines, also have SK Reflexions out today… Dang son, I already have enough of a back log.

  20. Really? Nba 2k? Fuck off with that microtransaction filled cancer.

  21. Why tf would you play sports video games ? I can understand playing games in which you kill people but why would you play a game that you can play irl anyway ? I'm genuinely curious

  22. Mai Shiranui in a cow-pattern bikini…. sigh. I enjoy the SNK girls as much as anyone. But this is just gratuitous. Original outfits maybe? Then have the fan-service outfits unlockable?

  23. What's so hard about pronouncing Lara's name the intended way? It's not Laura, and it's not "Laira". It's pronounced like LAR-AH.

  24. Have new spiderman game sooo worth it. That parthfinder game looks cool. As for anything by EA nope not interested at all. They need to go down. They have lost touch with and their customers. Oh and will never learn. All the sports games were done by them except the one by 2K. Really hope 2k beat EA in sales.

  25. calling dragon quest 11 open world……i dont see it though

  26. A sports game made the list?
    While enjoyable they aren't special, increase graphics update roster release. Repeat yearly

  27. I eagerly await PF Kingmaker. I played the Beta & it felt damn close to actually playing an old tabletop D&D session, pity it's not turn-based like Wasteland 2 or the Divinity original series though; it & Octopath Traveller are the 2 games that have been saying "play me".

  28. SNK heriones is not a fighting game, it's a game with fighting characters.

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