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10 best video games of 2018 (so far)

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In this video we look at the ten games that made the biggest impression on us this year so far. God of War, Ni No Kuni 2 and eight more games… which one of these did you play?


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  1. Hey guys, can someone tell me if I need to play the first ni no kuni to understand part 2

  2. Wanted to dislike for Fortnite and SOTC, but liked for Yakuza.

  3. Fortnite-sellout and Detroit not being on the list made me rage-unsub ;-;

  4. this year is fast asf almost christmas again

  5. Games I've picked so far…
    Monster Hunter Would
    Yakuza 6
    Detroit Become Human
    Shadow Of The Colossus (next ICO)
    Far Cry 5
    Kirby Star Allies Mario Tennis Aces

  6. number 8 seems like ghibli studio, i disagree with number 9 kuz its stupid n shitty

  7. Farcry..? Kingdom Come..? Sorry what? Both games hardly even got positive reviews, when your scores range from an 8/10 to a 3/10 shows which companies are honest not profit.

  8. FarCry5 does not belong on this list.. The enemies are too bullet spongy, even animals! The boss/heavy characters in particular. Granted, the "tank" characters have always been bullet sponges, but at least in older farcrys, they wore thick armor, so it made some sense when you had to empty two or three clips into a single dude.. But in FC5, they're shirtless, in jeans.. And when you pump round after round into a naked torso and head, but they just brush it off like nothing, it not only creates an "oh c'mon" disconnect, it also makes the weapons feel unrealistically weak.

    Remove FarCry, and replace it with Detroit.

  9. Jumping into the Yakuza series was the best reason to get the PS4 😀

  10. What about Blazblue Cross Tag Battle?

  11. Monster hunter world is easily one of the most boring games I've ever played

  12. This is an opinionated list so if you don't agree with it, oh well. Everyone has their own personal favorites…

  13. Detroit: Become Human was so much better than at least 3 other games

  14. Thank GOD, Fortnite is not on this list, but no Far Cry 5?

  15. I have to disagree on Ni No Kuni 2. It is a good game but it is probably my biggest disappointment this year. The first Ni No Kuni was an overall enjoyable game but the second one not so much.
    The Story goes nowhere. The world building is a disaster. In the water city they tell you that no new person is allowed to stay or that the people already in there can't leave because the city gets destroyed if they do so. But you can freely recruit half the city into your kingdom without anything happening.
    Aside from a tiny bit of Roland towards the end and Evan in the frist 10 hours or so is there zero character progression. There is no enemy variety. Exploration is worthless since most treasure chests cointain worse items than you are already wearing. A lot of the buildings in your kingdom are worthless like the shipyard thingy since by the time you can upgrade it decently you already have the airship. And the difficulty is either way to easy or just cheap. Random one-shots by enemies are no fun.

  16. Dost Kayaoğlu bunu beğendi. (Fakat neden Detroit: Become Human yok?? / Translate: where is Detroit: Become Human!?)

  17. Announcer: Or do you prefer to play Fortnite Battle Royale?

    My answer: 😒No

  18. Farcry 5 was the worst in the series besides primal

  19. Into the Breach. For such a small game, it was actually epic. Very very tactical. You got to have a certain IQ to play it. Every step must be planned carefully and you don't get many retries. Also ever since Far Cry 2, it always feel like no matter what you do, you're always fcuked. Far Cry 5 have very messed up endings regardless of your choice. I liked the game but effking hate the endings.

  20. Into the Breach is turn based, not real time… Just saying, because video could be misleading to customers/players.

  21. Far cry 5? On the list of best games? That ain’t it chief.

  22. 6:41 …and controls like a spastic reindeer in an ice rink, but hey! REALISM!

  23. What a garbage list….
    Really remake in top 10?
    No Divinity : Original Sin 2? Just the best RPG in the last 15 years?

  24. Why are all your videos 10 minutes? You want that sweet moolah?

  25. ZoominGames advertises Fortnite
    Me: Pulls out da gun

  26. So many PS4 exclusives….sorry guys!😎

  27. So Xbox where’s your exclusive games on this list🤔

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