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10 Best Video Games Of 2018

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Once again, Jules, Scott, Josh, and Rich take to the biggest question of 2018. What will take the coveted title of ‘WhatCulture Gaming’s GAME OF THE YEAR 2018?’ What are your picks, and how would your rank our final 10? #GameOfTheYear2018.

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  1. 1. God of War
    3. Celeste
    4. Spider-Man
    5. Pokémon Let's Go
    6. Valkyria Chronicles 4
    7. Smash
    8. Monster Hunter World
    9. Ni No Kuni 2
    10. Onrush

  2. Soul Calibur 6 is way better than dragon ball fighters

  3. I stopped watching at god of war at 4, ive completed rdr2 and spiderman and although rdr is amazing gow4 is a masterpiece in storytelling character development game mechanics and graphics, it is up there with the witcher 3 for me as one of the best games ever, for me rdr2 just became monotonous and boring and online did not appeal to me at all. Gow had no microtransactions and deserves extra credit in this day and age. It deserved goty.

  4. I hate it when people complain about long games, short games aren't worth the 30-50 dollars they cost. I want at least one hour of game play per dollar I spend (this includes replays as if the game is really good I'll play it again). If I play a game once and only have 11hr or something of total gameplay, that's not a good investment.

  5. You’re telling me that you would rather play Celeste than ac odyssey?

  6. 1. Spiderman
    2. Dragon Quest 11
    3. Red Dead Redemption
    4. God of War
    5. Assassins Creed: Odyssey

    Yeah, I didn't cream myself over God of War. Sue me. It was a really good game for sure but it didn't sink its' hooks into me like the top 3 games did on my list. The World itself didn't interest me nearly as much as others. I thought it was bare and honestly a drag to go through. The kid annoyed me greatly as well. Beyond that I loved the combat and I thought the boss fights were very unique and interesting but most of the actual bosses didn't connect with me either. The best part of the game though was the single camera/no loading screen approach that I instantly fell in love with. I would love every game moving forward to be that way.

  7. To me, God of War was great, but Red Dead Redemption 2 was the best game I've ever played. It truly brings immersion to a completely new level, and I have never felt for a character more than I did for Arthur Morgan.

  8. Budokai 3 reference??? Subscribed* [Damn right it's the standard.]

  9. 5/5 does not mean perfect, it means the best gaming conventions have been executed to a new level of quality forming a new standard that becomes the bar for all future games of that genre… and/or it starts it's own convention with a lot of thought and complexity applied to its execution, something which other games would ideally emulate and refine. 4/5 means it matches a previous 5/5 game but does not surpass nor give us a better model or alternative to measure future games by, perhaps even a bit less polished with some alternative redeeming qualities. 3/5 means a game does not perfect or further refine what has been done before but does them well enough to be enjoyed yet is decidedly inferior and/or has some good ideas worth developing but are otherwise a bit premature. 2/5 is little more than providing some aesthetic novelty and mechanical gimmick without depth while 1/5 is without any merit other than an exhibition of how not to design a game. This is how I would interpret scoring.

  10. Top 5 of 2018:
    4:Marvel Spider-Man
    3:Detroit: Become Human
    2: God Of War
    1: Red Dead Redemption 2

  11. So Jules left God of War AND Spider-Man off of his list and we’re still giving value to his opinions?

  12. How is assassin’s creed odyssey not on here but black ops 4 is

  13. Red Dead has my favourite boss fight ever, the fist fight at the end is so emotional, I wanted to win so bad for Arthur, it made me sad when I finished it.

  14. I only agree with three of these: god of war, Spider-Man and red dead. Assassins Creed was a great game this year, maybe my favorite. I really liked Nino Kuni a LOT. Octopaty Traveler. A way out. Far Cry five was okay. God of war was the best imo but Nino Kuni May be my second fave tied with odyssey

  15. Seriously? Spiderman at 3 and RDR at 1? You afraid you would miss the poplarity train or what?

  16. God of war is the perfect game. You guys can't even explain why it is not. RD2 doesn't even have a curve to it. I got to chapter 3 and wanted to stop playing.

  17. do us a favor and if ur not gonna put smash in the list dont use a render from it next time. thanks, have a great day

  18. RDR2 is by far the best game I’ve ever played.

    I’ve never played any god of wars. It just never seemed like it would be my kind of game. However the fact that so many people believe it’s better than RDR2 has me thinking I have to play it. Can someone please tell me if I NEED to play the previous games before playing the new one? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated

  19. why is everyone saying their opinions are wrong, wtf is wrong with you its called OPINIONS not facts

  20. My GOTY is Red dead redemption 2
    I have played GOW but the story didnt really grip me also Atreus is just annoying, the two things I like about it is
    -Graphics (Same as RDR2)
    -Combat (was very fun)

  21. The week that I spent with RDR2s campaign was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. I wish I could wipe my memory and experience it again. The moment where Arthur starts coughing and falls to the ground truly hit me as hard as getting Tb myself. I'll never forget it.

  22. not even a mention for ni no kuni 2? you guys said you loved it

  23. RDR 2 often was a slog to get through and the combat is so outdated and clunky it devalued the otherwise great experience.

  24. RDR2 requires a lot of patience while God of War is engaging instantly. Once I started playing GoW I couldn't stop until I'd played through the story while with RDR2 I keep taking breaks. And I've never played a GoW game before in my life yet I still fell in love with the new one. A stunning game on many levels without forgetting to tell a beautiful story. One day I'll go back to RDR2 again and maybe it will grow on me.

  25. It was hard but I respect ur god of war opinion, I had the same feeling about red dead. But how can u put spidey ahead when even tho we all love it, we all kno those mj missions were kinda ugh

  26. One thing I personally have to add to the lesson of red dead redemption two is that if you don't learn that lesson by the end of the game straight up executes you for it. If you follow the philosophy from Pirates of the Caribbean of take what you can give nothing back the game will execute you for it. And I think that is also very powerful

  27. I have started to play RDR2 recently and I am in two minds about the game, mostly I love the game, the story so far is amazing and I love my version of Arthur Morgan because I can but so much meaning behind everything he is doing, my Arthur Morgan is trying so hard to be a nice guy but every so often for whatever reason he fucks up. My problem with the game admittedly is not rockstar games fault but the media's fault. This game was sold to me as a flawless game that you could live in and its not, I have encountered a whole load of glitches playing this game. It's a good game but not perfect

  28. Here from the future, the new Modern Warfare game's launch is fucking awful

  29. Rdr2 deserves #1. I've already gone back and re-played the story that's how damn good it is.

  30. You 4 guys opinion absolutely mean nothing you 4 a bunch of nobody's gow is game of the year hands down that's why it won it kicked rdr2 ass that's why it won

  31. WTF does jules say at 40:28 that's a spoiler???? dang I can't make it out but it gets sucha reaction 🙂

  32. Yeah I got to say my top two games is God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn

  33. 6.forza 4
    5.lets go
    4.spider man
    3.god of war
    2. Red dead 2
    1.smash ultimate

  34. Really Celeste is better than god of war Spider-Man ?? Must be a british thing

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