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10 Craziest Out of Bounds Discoveries in Games – Part V

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Sometimes you break out of bounds in a video game to discover something that looks like it was never meant to be found … this is why today we’re looking at 10 more out of bounds discoveries in video games, part V.





Games featured (Spoilers)
Order and Chaos Online
Family Guy Back to the Multiverse
The Sims 2
Dust an Elysian Tail
Star Wars Battlefront
Guild Wars 2
NieR Replicant

Clips and References

NieR Replicant

Fan art by KandiTV

Assistant editor: Cassandra Lipp

Official Clip Capturers: Cassandra Lipp, oddheader, and Evan Hill.

Special thanks to Evan Hill, Hyachi, Jai_Heart, Mr. Nice Guy, Chief, TheShadow3dOne, RetroEnthusiasm, heyimfohru, Icential, and Carlmundo for their contributions to this video.


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  1. I get so excited when odd header uploads 🤙

  2. I actually played in that lot in the sims 2 as a kid. Never knew it was so unknown XD. If you angle the camera just right, you can click the lot without camera cheats.

  3. I was about to eat dinner but then YouTube gave me a notification.

    You guys know what happened next.

  4. That's how my eyes would look if someone approached me while I was sleeping.

  5. If I ever make a game I'm gonna hide the weirdest shit out of bounds

  6. Honestly, I treat watching these like it's a special occasion

  7. At first I thought the wet floor sign's face was the Fuan no Tane's bag head face, similar but not the same. Pretty interesting though.

  8. That model in the star wars game
    was probably supposed to be a recreation of an android seen in the sandcrawler in the original star wars

  9. Holy shit never in my days would I expect to see anything from Order and chaos. That was my first mmorpg. So many memories of Dr Dark my human warrior.

  10. 6:30: The worm looks like a reference to the dancing chestburster from Space Balls.

  11. You should do more of vr series out of bounds videos

  12. OH SHIT. The portal in Guild Wars 2! Back when you could void hop (get under the map and then log out and back in) you could get behind that invisible wall and get to the portal. Sadly, it's not activated, and as such, leads you nowhere, but you used to be able to at least get there. Sadly, with the inclusion of mounts into the game, void hopping is no longer possible, and you can no longer get there anymore.

  13. Oddheader uploading always makes the day better

  14. Valorant looks like a fake game made up by a CG artist for a TV show or movie. I can't believe people actually play that shit.

  15. a hole in the back of a wall of an out of bounds building is one of the TEN CRAZIEST OUT OF BOUNDS DISCOVERIES IN GAMES? …part V?

    ok lol

  16. The GW2 OOB portal is most likely futureproofing for further expansions, so they already have an exit to another map built into that one if they want to use it, with an explanation for why you couldn't access that place earlier (bridge is out) and an explanation for why you can now (bridge is fixed).

  17. The top hat-wearing & cane-wielding worm REALLY makes me think of Slimey, Oscar the Grouch's pet. There have been numerous scenes in which Slimey is decked out in the same manner, and the face/smile of the creature definitely looks like him. Makes me wonder if someone was either a long-term Oscar fan, or perhaps had a preschool-aged child during development (though tbh, I don't think Slimey makes as many appearances these days, compared to bygone eras 😁).

  18. The shape of the hole in the family guy game looks too pixelated (for lack of a better term) for it to be the result of someone crashing through it. To me, the shape suggests that it was the gateway to a scrapped level themed around either "cyberverse" technology or video games.

  19. Not sure if anyone pointed it out, but for the Battlefront one, I'm pretty sure that unfinished-looking droid model is supposed to be for the droid torture room seen in Jabba's Palace. There is a dismantled droid in the background of that scene in the film that looks exactly like that model.

    I supposed they initially planned for the Jabba's Palace map to have that droid torture chamber?

  20. I genuinely get so excited when you release a new video. They're so fun to watch while I'm relaxing, and you do find some interesting discoveries!

    I actually returned to GW2 after a 5 year hiatus, and ran into that bridge again not even a week ago. Taking their time is an understatement, it's been 9 years! Didn't notice the "portal" in the distance though. (It's actually a gate to another map, you see them everywhere when traveling between maps.). But hey, new expansion coming in Feb, so maybe it'll be something this time? Guess we'll see…

  21. I have like 1000 hours in GW2 and never saw that weird portal. Always something new to discover!

  22. Props to the sponsored segment that was amazing

  23. Baba yaga is a weird story i mean it's not a bad of a story but still weird

  24. so I was playing this online game (you couldn’t see the chat unless you were close to someone) and I think the creators of the game can you find anywhere better to create a meeting then in the game so i glitch out and landed right in the meeting room

  25. The hell is going with your sound man this is not the first time

  26. Neat new discoveries! A shame you only bring these ot us once per month, & in such a format! Thanks for uploading!

  27. For the Guild Wars 2 part, you can actually go in the portal by going out of bound with the skycale, but the portal is not activated :/

  28. The Family Guy game, the broken wall could be a unused asset from the last area of the game

  29. I believe that droid is the overseer in Jabba's palace who tortures other droids, from the movies at least

  30. The only YouTuber that I get excited for when they drop vids

  31. Finding that santa was like hitting the Lottery, bet he has a Large piece too.

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