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10 Dumbest Video Game Controversies That Went Too Far

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Spider-Man PS4 doesn’t have puddles!? Worst game ever!

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  1. I think these are all pretty normal controversies, nothing really that dumb about them just an average day in gaming.

  2. The "gaming community" didn't send death threats. "Mentally unstable people" sent the death threats.

  3. In defense of the God of War part, I make a point to row in a completely different way every single time I hit the water. Next time I have to start using my feet.

  4. How The last of us 2 isnt on this list 😅

  5. Peta is not a respectable business. They euthanize 70 percent of the dogs and cats they take in. On top of that the founder doesn’t even like pit bulls.

  6. Wait dosent peta also kill animals I heard they also do it a lot

  7. apparently peta has never played or watched a farcry game!

  8. well it was warranted in cyberpunk, I mean if you're gonna be given the option for so many customizations to a character you're gonna want to see it. The first person only option completely made it pointless. Sure you can see your top half in a mirror which would only be seen for a couple minutes throughout a playthrough and on the bikes which acted as more of a censor screen.

  9. PETA has nothing respectable about them. They are simply lying, projecting pieces of human waste. I bet a beer that if investigated, every single one of their employees (excluding few volunteers) would be eligible for animal abuse / torture charges.

  10. “PETA is a respectable organization.”

    They have a positive K/D (Kill To Death) ratio for animals.

  11. PETA is not a respectable organisation. It's a racket and a joke.

  12. PETA is not a respectable organization, on the surface or otherwise.

  13. PETA pisses me off. I wanna be an animal activist, but ppl don't take us seriously because of fraudsters like peta

  14. Peta is respectable for not killing 2% of there rescues

  15. What about the Friday the 13th controversy that killed the game

  16. Video game controversy is always entertaining, sometimes tiring and often ridiculous.

  17. God of war is good but no its probably 3rd

  18. Is it weird that I still want to play the next gen version of Cyberpunk?

  19. The Sonic boycott was actually pretty clever if you stop and think about it for a moment. It would send two powerful signals at once – the underwhelming sales of the new game whould show that people reject it and a huge boost in sales for the classic game would indicate that there's market for a good sonic game.

  20. My wife and I volunteer with animal shelters, rescue organizations, etc. PETA is NOT a respectable organization, please do NOT give them credit that they do not deserve. All of my animals are rescue and I thank God PETA didn't get anywhere near them. Seriously, Frak PETA.

  21. Jules saying "and say with me, kids: of all time!" is one of the highlights of these videos; I love it.

  22. Counter-point to the God of War rowing animation: why the f would Kratos row differently?

  23. "We all know what butts (you're British dude ffs say bum) look like you don't need to cover them" We all know what dicks look like too, but please keep covering them I don't wanna see em.

  24. 1:03 Sonic the Meth Head. 3:00 DAMN CENSORS! I didn't get hyped for Cyberpunk 2077 because it was in first person. Everybody hates Hatred. Well it's in the title. I actually watched a playthrough of Hatred just to see what all the controversy was about. I like how the person playing it brings up a controversial topic while playing a controversial game and mentions if violent video games cause mass shootings. He said no and that the people who do that are mentally ill. That seems to be true since most mass shooters aren't gamers. He also mentioned that he played GTA 3 when he was 12 like a lot of kids did and said that he turned out fine. I remember hearing about PETA bashing Mario.

  25. People need to stop using gate on every controversy. It makes the word lose its impact

  26. PETA isn't respectable in the slightest. They are a laughing stock that kills 10X more than they "save"

  27. The funniest thing about spidermans puddles is it mostly came from xbox fan boys who claimed they where not salty over not getting the game while clearly getting worked up over stupid stuff and getting salty over the game i mean xbox fans say sony ponies are the toxic gamers but all they did there was prove they are the true toxic ones I play both platforms but seriously xbox fans need to get a life every single time playstation gets an exclusive they always do stuff like this ether dont show support for just 1 brand or come over to our side ether way making other people miserable just because you are just makes you look like a toxic immature child 🤦

  28. Let's be real C2077 direction for it to be FPS is not by design, it's just that they're incompetent to make a TPP option because it'll take more production cost on an already buggy game they already knew from the start.

  29. "Fans boycott sonic from theyre moms basement" anybody whose that offended by a kids game is a loser

  30. God of War Ragnarok really does look like DLC for the first game to me. Its not just the boat animation. If it was gonna be more of the same then its a good thing its the last game of the norse storyline.

  31. PETA is not, in fact, a "respectable organization". I believe in treating animals better, humanly, PETA is just about spectacle for donor cash. With one of the biggest kill shelters out there. They want your money, not to actually care about animals.

  32. So I just played and beat portal 2 for the first time ever like 2 weeks ago and surprise I'm also adopted. At no point was I insulted in the slightest and anybody that would hear some random innocuous line by a cartoon evil robot and feel like adopted children were being ridiculed is an idiot. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. Being adopted means you have parents that you know for a fact love you. Emphasis on having parents. So by definition that joke shouldn't offend any adopted person. If it does you're also an idiot. You can't be adopted and not have parents.

  33. HATRED is a legit good game.
    I don't care what anyone says. Haha

  34. PETA is kinda a horrible organization.

  35. >Sonic 4 being a "good game"

    I hope this was sarcasm.

  36. The dork who started Puddlegate should be made famous.

  37. It funny how most people like to point out organisations and companies overreactions but didn't point and make fun of the silly overreactions of "fans".

  38. Actually PETA Dosent Care Animal Killed In Video Games Cash Grabbing Grubs

  39. I am willing to concede that it is possible that PETA is more reasonable in other countries as I do not know about them but, here in the states, PETA is known for their unreasonable and stupid nature.

  40. And the moral of this story is….people are stupid.

  41. "All that matters is that sonic 4 was a good game," that statement should be on this list.

  42. Cancer blows this video made chemotherapy go by faster tho thank you

  43. Feel like the only reason PETA got upset about a rat being killed is that THEY werent the ones who killed it. Can't have someone else stepping on their turf.

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