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10 Gamers Who Tragically Died Playing Videogames

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Gaming is not generally viewed as a strenuous activity, but for those who push things to the limit playing marathon sessions, it can get pretty intense.

Becoming too addicted to a certain video game may prove to be a problem for your social life, but when you neglect the signals your body is telling you it’s possible to suffer dire consequences.

It seems crazy, but gaming can result in a dangerous combination of stress and sitting still. While gaming remember to stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks, and get up to go for a walk every once in a while.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi


  1. Rip for the guy who died while doing a charity run he's a legendary guy

  2. I would be dead by now wow am i alive right now?

  3. ok hopefully I don’t die lol I have a really bad sickne

  4. Bruh why you make those persons with the censored face

  5. Jesus died for your sins on the cross and rose again put yur faith in him to be saved

  6. Me who played 43 days in a row: maybe I'm immortal

  7. If you play zombies you know who six mimoun is, rip a legend

  8. you scared the hell outta me!!! Now i better be careful while playing!

  9. “Gaming is a relaxing thing to do in your free time”

    Flash backs to sweaty speedrunner intensify

  10. butter dog the dog wityh the butter butter dog

  11. this video came up when i searched : Gamers Never Die

  12. i remember this stream he was all a drug addict as well too help him keep up during his 24 hour stream so did not help him witch caused his death not the death of videos he did weed and other drugs too that 35 year old .

  13. Delete this fu*king video before my parents sees it. I mean it !

  14. Ah yes, lets take something absolutely tragic and turn it into a video on the internet so we can profit off of the deaths of others! Honestly, people like you disgust me.

  15. I’m not gonna watch this vid infront of my parents lol

  16. FragHero: 10 gamers who died

    Also FragHero: YOOOO SUBSCRIBE

  17. Really surprised wingsofredemption isn't on the list yet.

  18. man really showed a dead body at the end of the vid

  19. I'm sorry but I game for 30+ hours regularly (whilst drinking/420 mind you) and if you can't handle a measly 24 hours then you are barley a gamer in my eyes.
    Remember fellow gamers, SAVE OFTEN.

  20. That’s why I use my left hands to cover my eyes

  21. when i was a kid i would play black ops 1 for at least 8 hrs a day during the summer. one day i started playing at 8am and didn’t get off until 3am the next day and i wouldn’t use the bathroom or eat when i played and i only drank pepsi so i got a really bad bladder infection that almost spread to my kidneys and i spent 6 weeks taking antibiotics. best summer of my life tho.

  22. This is the reason you listen to your mom , these were stupid kids nice they are dead .

  23. this video encouraged me to play more videogames

  24. gamed for 4 days but didnt die, anyknow know the right video game i need to get?

  25. If mom see this see never let me play a Game again probably

  26. You can die after 24 h not sleeping? I did that very often. I guess I'm a ghost like in the 6th Sense now.

  27. Silly music playing in the background.
    Relaxed British voice explaining how they died :/

  28. Iron on Twitch does 24 hour streams all the time, pretty crazy

  29. Gaming is important but life is twice as important than that…

  30. Jwwksmwwkwwmwwkkqwwmwkwqkwmwmwkwwkskqmwkwkwkwkqkqk says:

    Too bad…

  31. advisory need playing game or stream more than 5 our can cause death also mobile legend is top🤔🤫

  32. Gluttony is a Sin! The wages of Sin is Death, whether you Believe In God or not. Not Believing, won't save you!

  33. The important thing is that all of them died doing what they loved

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