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10 Heavily Rumoured Video Games We Want To See At E3 2018

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E3 2018 is hurtling towards us, and there’s a lot of stuff to be excited about, and quite a lot to be desired. Josh is running down the most rumoured titles to appear at this year’s conference.

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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X 2! Or Switch port of XCX!

  2. I hope there’s something actually good, last year was kinda boring I need something fun not any more halo or bioshock

  3. Talks positively about the classic Devil May Cry and it's potential fifth game but shows footage of the reboot, then proceeds to talk crap about the reboot while still showing footage of the thing they talk crap about. Wouldn't it make more sense to show footage of the DMC4 instead of the reboot? You know, seeing as to how your talking about a DMC5 and not a DmC2. Not like I care, just seemed strange. All I know os if a fifth Devil May Cry is announced then I'm preordering it.

  4. If there is another Fable I'll shit my pants

  5. I will boycott e3 until I see a Witcher 4 preview. Let's make this game happen people, chop chop.

  6. Half-Life 3 or Portal 3 …. yeah, right..!!!!


    NOT Ooooo Be soft…… Face palm.

  9. Bruh, am I the only one hoping for resident evil 2 remake to be on e3

  10. A new Skate game (bonus points for Tony Hawk partnering with EA like UFC did post THQ), A new Sleeping Dogs game, Metal Gear remastered collection, and Mass Effect Trilogy remastered are all games I'd love to be announced this year

  11. Definitely, what I want to see it Sam Fisher!!

  12. I hope to see a Just Cause 4 and im excited to see more of Rage 2 and of course Red dead Redemption 2!!

  13. I will be honest. I'm so bored of shooters and most games these days are shooters. Gimme something els

  14. Watchdogs 3
    Superman game
    Avengers project
    Spider-Man game
    Just cause 4
    Red dead 2

  15. I just want a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date… 😧

  16. HOLY MOLY if they announce BULLY 2 and have the OG soundtrack I WILL LOSE MY SHIT & QUIT MY JOB

  17. It's not pronounced as oobisoft….
    It's 'u'bisoft

  18. A new rachet and clank or a sly collection for ps4 or PLEASE SONY sly cooper 5 and market it and advertise it well unlike sly 4

  19. Can one person agree with me that clearly rocksteady's new game is obviously ninja turtles and not frickin superman

  20. This is do or die for Xbox they better pull some shit that’s gonna take E3 by storm and make loyal Xbox customers stay with Xbox and not wanna jump to PS4 right now PS4 is killing Xbox

  21. Not to many of these were right, but e3 was badass this year

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