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10 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2018

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Fallout 76 makes Assassin’s Creed: Unity look like a polished masterpiece.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews…ps you seem to like looking at yourself a lot…suggestion ….sit in front of a mirror all day and spare us the view…

  2. I love me happy few:/ I've never seen any of these glitches

  3. What fuckn crack are you smoking, Far Cry 5 was amazing

  4. In any video game there are going to alternative Sad endings

  5. Like ik the sad ending to sea of thieves but I'm not gonna spoil it to Gamers who haven't played it before

  6. Bullshit. FarCry 5 was awesome. You spy boys are just too weak to handle a real game. You realized how pathetic you Obama living libtards are.

  7. Wanted to love Vampyr but omg it’s so boring. Parts of it are also really hard for seemingly no reason. It was such a shame.

  8. How do u make videos u clearly do not play those games and no very little about them farcry 5 was the best selling iv played the very first on the original xbox and 5 is excellent ur just making up games and saying there bad I can see all the lies

  9. I disagree with we happy fewmostly because I've never had a glitch with it and also I'm going to be honest I've never had a glitch with fallout 76 this sounds like a lie mostly because you hear everything about it but if you don't glitch or have any glitches there is no bad part of the game it's genuinely funokay there was that one time when like a chunk of the map disappeared but that's not the point of what I'm saying is that I'm lucky as f*** y'all are below me b**

  10. Now hold on a fucking minute, I've played We Happy Few and I've beaten it, it's not bad, sure a few minor bugs here and there and maybe some annoying ones like cutscenes not working or the game nor working after one, and the autosave not working, but it was one hell of an experience for me.

  11. Far Cry 5 is the best Far Cry in the series…3 has the better story but the gameplay in 5 is far better, the weapons are more varied and it's all in all more fun to play.

  12. Did he even play Far Cry 5? Each region leader were way different from each other.
    Heck, you can make a case that Battlefield and all Call of Duty games are similar then

  13. It sounds like your biggest gripe with Far Cry 5 was that your expectations of it making a grand social/political point wasn't part of the game. I think it did a fine job of being almost a black satire of American Cults….not sure what else you were expecting.

  14. Can someone tell me the song that is used as background in this video?

  15. Far cry 5 I liked not as much as 4 vampyr very underrated game little too much dialogue and the map loading was annoying but fantastic game

  16. The story of we happy few was amazing though

  17. Far Cry 5 is so awesome, I cant wait to the next one.

  18. I’m guessing to them far cry 5 wasn’t anti trump or anti white enough. At least that’s why ign and other places hated it.

  19. Sea of thieves and far cry 5 are amazing!

  20. Hey far cry 5 is a good game lots of people love it

  21. See's video tittle then sees FC5 in the thumbnail, I'm like
    "WTF are they kidding?" Farcry 5 was fucking awesome, great gameplay, great characters, easy to replay and OH MY FUCKING GOD that soundtrack

  22. Thoroughly enjoyed We Happy Few, FC5, and Vampyr.

  23. You can’t really expect we happy few to be perfect tho..

  24. Far cry 5 was good not cool not cool at all.

  25. Why tf is Far Cry 5 on here? It was one of the best games of the year!

  26. I actually played we happy few in its entirety and I liked it a lot

  27. Everyone is talking about far cry five (in my opinion it was ok at the best) but WE HAPPY FEW?!?! THAT WAS A MASTERPIECE WHAT DO YOU MEAN LIKE WHAT?!

  28. Far cry 5 was great in terms of gameplay…but the ending really felt out of place. Indeed the ending was it's Achilles' heel

  29. Really, you all failed to see that "powerless pawn" storyline coming within 5 minutes of picking it up? It made playing any further pointless. I gave up right before the final battle, looked up the ending (it was as expected) then never played it again. Waco/ David Koresh inspired dreck. Gameplay was fun though, go Cheeseburger!

  30. Far cry 5 is great game in my opinion and Its one of the best coop games

  31. We happy few?!?!, farcry 5?!?!?, vampyr?!?!? Do you know what a good game is

  32. Worst or disappointing? Theres a very clear difference between the two words.

  33. yeah Far cry 5 was so much fun i still play it hes soooo very wrong about it

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