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10 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2018

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Fallout 76 makes Assassin’s Creed: Unity look like a polished masterpiece.

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  1. yeah Far cry 5 was so much fun i still play it hes soooo very wrong about it

  2. Worst or disappointing? Theres a very clear difference between the two words.

  3. We happy few?!?!, farcry 5?!?!?, vampyr?!?!? Do you know what a good game is

  4. Far cry 5 is great game in my opinion and Its one of the best coop games

  5. Really, you all failed to see that "powerless pawn" storyline coming within 5 minutes of picking it up? It made playing any further pointless. I gave up right before the final battle, looked up the ending (it was as expected) then never played it again. Waco/ David Koresh inspired dreck. Gameplay was fun though, go Cheeseburger!

  6. Far cry 5 was great in terms of gameplay…but the ending really felt out of place. Indeed the ending was it's Achilles' heel

  7. Everyone is talking about far cry five (in my opinion it was ok at the best) but WE HAPPY FEW?!?! THAT WAS A MASTERPIECE WHAT DO YOU MEAN LIKE WHAT?!

  8. I actually played we happy few in its entirety and I liked it a lot

  9. Why tf is Far Cry 5 on here? It was one of the best games of the year!

  10. Far cry 5 was good not cool not cool at all.

  11. You can’t really expect we happy few to be perfect tho..

  12. Thoroughly enjoyed We Happy Few, FC5, and Vampyr.

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