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10 Most Underrated Video Games Of The 2000s

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Yet another golden era of video game history, with the likes of Halo and Call Of Duty making names for themselves, there were numerous titles that slipped through the cracks…

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  1. How the fuck are you calling KOTOR good but inferior sequel? lol do you even know?

  2. You should look for "underrated" in the dictionary

  3. Was there a female narrator previously on whatculture?

  4. I'd put in Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. I had a ton of fun with that one, and no one else seems to even remember it.

  5. Marc Ecko's Getting Up?

    That game has left a massive lasting impression on me. I bought it cheap and expected it to be total garbage, but it actually ended up being one of the best games I've ever complete.

    I only wish I had experienced it back when it was a new game.

  6. If it weren't for #9; Zero Punctuation may not have existed.

  7. I like your channel but this list and video in general gave me cancer. Step your game up, this sucked ass.

  8. Man, The Warriors was and always will be, the shit! I loved that damn game. Movie was awesome too.

  9. Yeah, right. None of these games were/are underrated.

    You wanna know what’s the definition of underrated? The first two installments of the Gothic franchise…. we don’t speak of the abominations that were 3 and Arcania…

  10. Chronicles of Riddick
    Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance
    Red Faction
    Eternal Darkness
    Serious Sam
    Pikmin 1/2
    Super Monkey Ball
    Ninja Gaiden Black
    Project Gotham Racing 2
    Panzer Dragoon Orta

  11. Basically, decent games that people never shut the fuck up about.

  12. The Darkness is one of my favorite games!

  13. I was a 90s kid, but was too young to remember the 90s, so I'm effectively an 00s kid.

  14. Rogue galaxy is so underrated that you even fail to mention it in this list.

  15. Bloodlines was great. Would love a sequell or remake

  16. I personally love the warriors game. I spent so many hours on this game and even got my dad to play back then because he loved the movie. I'd enjoy playing it again

  17. POP reboot was an insulting turd of a story with only the prince's parkour making it a POP game

  18. Zone of the Enders.

    I'll say it again.

    Zone of the Enders.

  19. Viewtiful Joe was an amazing game. I hate cell shading but this game was good fun

  20. In no particular order:
    Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed
    Gothic 1&2
    Homeworld 1&2

  21. Fking fantasy life. Just take a look.

  22. No One Lives Forever needs to be on this list

  23. No Global Agenda? Bring the game back, damnit HiRez!

  24. Few will agree with me but to me grabbed by the ghoulies is one the most underrated games ever I mean most of you guys probably haven’t even heard of it.

  25. The warriors was……sorry is and amazing game. Would love a sequel or a remastered

  26. This is the first good list I've seen on this channel. At last someone who knows some games other than cookie cutter AAAs that everyone heard of. Thumbup

  27. FYI, STALKER is loosely inspired by/based on the classic Russian sci fi novel, Roadside Picnic

  28. Kotor 2 is a great game. Deconstructing "morality" choices in games, deconstructing RPGs mechanics, deconstructing the Star Wars mythos, the game is actually my favorite Obsidian title (even moreso than Fallout New Vegas, which I adore), and even one of my favorite game ever. Even with all the bugs, glitches and the incompleteness of it all (don't blame Obsidian for that. LucasArt didn't want to wait for it to be polished and complete. Even when Obsidian offered to release a free patch to fix it, LucasArt said no. Why? Probably because it was really criticizing of the Star Wars mythos. And the fact Lucas Art liked their stories to be kid friendly, and was more into easy-to-digest-stories with emphasis on technical prowess.)

  29. Stalker is a legend in the Eastern Europe!

  30. Kingdoms of Amalur. That game was HUGE but soo underated

  31. KOTOR 2 was easily the best rpg game ive ever played. maybe rivalled by oblivion.

  32. Psi ops and timesplitters original. Future perfect didn't enjoy as much as the original.

  33. prince of persia is so underrated. i really wish the ending wasn't a cliffhanger though to be honest.

  34. KOTOR II is totally underrated. Yeah the first one is classic as it gets, but never understood why the sequel wasn't talked about.

  35. i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- says:

    Finally someone mentions S.T.A.L.K.E.R SoC

  36. The Darkness is definitely an unusual and above average game. I loved its atmosphere, its sequel is a bit disappointing but not bad

  37. Ghost trick's so underrated it couldn't even make it here

  38. Forget the 2000’s , psi ops has to be the most criminally underrated game of all time

  39. I always thought 'the naughties" was the Nineties….And is it just me? Why the hell do my captions auto-generate in Dutch ONLY for this video?!! With no option to change it. Just me? My options are off or auto-generated (Dutch) ONLY on this video….

  40. I was turned off from Viewtiful Joe because of that damn Demo Glitch. If I remember correctly, it wiped your whole memory card.

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