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10 Strangest Unsolved Discoveries in Video Games

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10 Strangest Unsolved Discoveries in Video Games



Sometimes you find something in a video game that makes you feel like you’re going insane. In today’s video I’m diving into the top 10 weirdest, lesser-discussed, unsolved mysteries & discoveries found in video games that still remain unsolved as of the uploading of this video.

–Games Featured– SPOILERS
Halo 2
Twisted Metal 2
Snow (2016)
Perfect Dark
Grabbed By the Ghoulies
Conker’s Bad Fur Day
Banjo Tootie
Watch Dogs
Jet Set Radio Future
FIFA 2012
Maniac Mansion
Final Fantasy 7
Silent Hill

Clips Featured –
Hitting the Gate Switch SP – DrBizz

Hitting the Gate Switch Co-op – Mechwarrior

Halo 2 Trigate Mystery – QuarterFaceCreations

Twisted Metal 2 – Da Vinci Code – teh2Dgamer

Snow – Hair – Cave Easter Egg

Perfect Dark – RedSouthCity- Question Mark

Grabbed the Ghoulies – The WeoNeo – Question Mark

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Conker King – Out of Bounds Chocolate Director Explanation

Watch Dogs – DudeRandom84 – Original Graphics

FIFA 2012 – Nathan Davies – Huge Goalie Glitch

FIFA 2012 – SASportsGaming – Huge and Headless Glitch

Maniac Mansion – Old School Games – Keypad Puzzle

Final Fantasy 7 – GarlandTheGreat – Corel Prison Basement Mystery

Silent Hill – Protroller – Silent Hill Kindergarden Cop Parallel

Thank you to Fluffrave, Cassandra Lipp, Jeff Dawson, Robert Tucker and Tikin for their contributions toward this video.


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  1. Mount Chiliad in GTA V holds an entire facility worth of clones and robots underneath it, all under control by Clifford, the AI created by Avon Hertz. “The Doomsday Heist” in GTA Online is what covers most of it, and may be what the odd things regarding the mountain are alluding to.

  2. YOU GOT TO BE SERIOUS!! 4:06 That darn qr code Rickrolled me! The qr code leads to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."

  3. the snow qr code is a very special video

  4. 6:58 Microsoft has been screwing PC gamers over for years, so they're my prime suspect

  5. #5 is most likely a function that was supposed to repeat, but doesn't, because of a programming error. That is to say, it was probably supposed to do that EVERY 2 minutes, but do to how far into the stage it is, and the long list of other things being tested, it just slipped through the radar.

  6. If there's a QR Code in a game you know it's going to be Never going to give you on

  7. He definitely got Rick Rolled and doesn't want to admit it

  8. well i figured out the QR code…that's cold dude

  9. Kinda disappointed you didn’t mention the different endings you can trigger. There’s 4.

  10. The question mark looks like the question mark cubes you see in Mario.

  11. G-man might be named Garry as g-mod means Garry’s mod

  12. 0:18 mu screen recoding saved at the same time the photo was taken lol👌

  13. The QR code is a rickroll

  14. Just got fucking rickrolled NO WAY

  15. 4:02 I scanned it and, let’s just say, don’t do it. Trust me

  16. I tried scanning the code from snow, and apparently, it’s a Rick Role

  17. There was a video I watched awhile back that I thought was oddheader, where there was an unfinished dungeon on some mmo or a beta of an mmo and I can't seem to find it. It had something in it that made footstep noises and at some point there was a floating head. I can't find it on oddheaders channel, was it in a removed video? was it on someone elses channel?

  18. Also, i'm late to this, but I think that Halo button is just an asset stored away in the game never meant to be found

  19. even if this video is 2 years old and everone sayed its a rick roll i used a qr reading and i got rick rolled

  20. They didn't have internet in silent hill days. They used any means necessary to create an American town including using movies

  21. Did this fucker really rick roll us? Btw love the song and find it funny when people get me

  22. Almost got Rick rolled button and saved me

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