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10 Video Games That Changed Everything In 2018

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  1. Just came here for God of war and spider man coz I knew they would make this list. 😏😏

  2. Kinda sick of hearing about Black Ops 4. You don't need the damn cosmetics. Grow up and play the game and don't pay for them if you don't want them. I don't and I enjoy the game I paid $60 for.

  3. So Ash is The Good
    Jules is The Bad
    Who is The Ugly? Josh Brown?

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Ash is absolutely beautiful and 100% wifey material

  5. You put fallout 76 where Odyssey should have been. You also put fortnite on here and… Ew

  6. The more MHW exposure the better! G-Rank on the way!

  7. Gaming is probably at its peak and I can’t even play anything new because I’m too broke 😭😭😭 R.I.P to this gamers experience 💔

  8. Everyone talks about Fortnite for Battle Royal, but no one mentions the fact that it's just different take on the original Battle Royal… SSB 😁

  9. I would say God of War single shot for the entire play through is something we haven't seen before on that scale and definitely a game changer

  10. Red dead was a good game, I was super disappointed with spiderman, worst game I've played all year, started god of war yesterday, so far hasn't really got me. Hope it gets better.
    Obviously this is just my opinion.

  11. No campaign for Black Ops 4… what’s all that about?

  12. God of War was 4 on What Cultures list lol

  13. Maditory? I think you meant to spell "mandatory"

  14. What do you mean fortnites battle Royale pubg came first

  15. Since I got red dead 2 and Spiderman for Xmas red dead 2 is literally all I've played I'm addicted so I think my game of 2018 is defo rdr2 (2017 game has to be horizon zero dawn)

  16. You don’t even pronounce treyarch right … plus you said it yourself it’s all cosmetic! Just cause people are bad/don’t understand call of duty they love to hate it on it.

  17. Spider-Man

    Red Dead 2 (still playing it on my X)

    God of War!!! Why is this not at the top? You see, try as they might, Rockstar simply didn’t perfect the combat system from last time! The aiming is still goofy!

  18. Assassin's creed Odyssey deserved a mention surely. It shows how a 100+ hour game can be very informative, easy to relate to and interesting to play.

  19. Literally had to skip through the Fortnite part out of fear of being spotted watching that hot garbage

  20. Anyone else surprised that battlefield 5 didn’t make the list for worst pr and advertising tactics.

  21. Fornite is trash. Only gay kids play this game

  22. ‘Black Ops 4, RDR2 had their own version of Fortnite’
    Fortnite didn’t invent the battle Royale genre, that was back in Minecraft Hunger Games, DayZ etc.
    PUBG popularised it in recent years yet we didn’t say Fortnite added their own version of PUBG (yet epic love to just copy other games popularity so they can piggyback off them). Bo4 and Rdr2 has their own battle Royale mode, not their own Fortnite mode

  23. spiderman ? you guys serious ? like playin a boring monotonous arkham for children, seriously ? hahahahahahahahaha

  24. RDR2 showed how things are done. They make a huuuge open world game with an amazing single player story, it becomes hugely popular and then they add multiplayer. Boom, both play styles to choose from. Bethesda just fucked things up.

  25. I'm watching this after anthems release and no no it does not change anything

  26. 8:53
    did a literal moron write this?
    "maditory"? when you mean mandatory.
    this is a primary school level error.

  27. Not God of War. That game doesnt deserve its praise without any replay value.

  28. Red dead redemption 2 is so realistic that when you kill people in the wilderness, lawmen are still able to know you did it and track you out of nowhere.

  29. Fortnite is for intellectually lazy fools and children who don't know any better.

  30. Fortnite should be number one it has brought gaming to heights never seen before

  31. There seems to be this weird snobest attitude thrown at Fortnite. As mad as it makes me it is an absolutely incredible game unlike any before it, the reluctance to put it high on list like this blow my mind… Its a Juggernaut that is nigh unstoppable whether you like it or not

  32. Marvel’s Spider-Man:Yay

  33. I don't know why poeple are sayi'g that fortnite revelationised the battle royale industry, when yu-gi-oh! Was the first thing to have battle royale

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