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10 WORST Cash Grab Attempts in Video Games

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Money makes the world go around, and we all know video games have to make money to exist. But what happens when publishers go too far? Well, if you’ve played any of these games, you already know…
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  1. Don't use patreon…

    Subscribstar or other alternatives… patron is a rip off and doesn't deserve to exist at this point.

  2. Sims freeplay:you wanna eat? 10 hours
    Sims freeplay:well you can buy 10LP for $10.00
    Me:ok (foolish move)
    Sims freeplay:you wanna eat again? 12 hours but you can buy more LP

  3. didn't buy any of the games mentioned, i even got a notice that battlefront 2 had a 85% discount, did not buy it, only way of puttin an end to this is by not participating in the industry, by not putting money in these games, i gotta say, i haven't felt like i need to play anything that came after 2015, hell last night i spent 3 hours killing zombies in black ops, from xbox 360, in my xbox one… and the best part, it has a ton of content, and no damn microtransactions were needed

  4. A big gripe I have with Destiny is that with every big DLC drop, the developers go in and change the stats on weapons and gear. Players grind to level up their stuff, then a year later everyone's gear and weapons get boosted up to the max level, even those players who maybe play once a month. It essentially erases the effort of those who play the game regularly.

  5. I really hate how game studios executives treat console games as though they are mobile games. Microtransactions were one of the worst things to ever come to consoles. I'd rather pay $30 – $40 for a DLC pack that gives me new levels and a new story that comes with weapons and skins than to buy in-game currency to purchase stuff. Ubisoft did this crap with AC: Origins and Odyssey. They made the level up grind so tedious that they encourage you to buy xp boosts and crafting materials using currency bought with real money. Uh…NO! GTA Online is really bad with this; the prices of vehicles and criminal businesses are high and after they dropped their first DLC many years ago, they lowered the payouts on missions. Certain features/missions in the game are locked behind multiple layers of purchasing. Example: you have to buy a criminal office in order to buy a cargo warehouse in order to buy a special vehicle warehouse in order to buy the special vehicle. You're looking at an investment of about $10 million GTA bucks and it takes hours to recuperate that cost (for those of us who don't play the game religiously because we have other games we play besides GTA). So Rockstar and Take-Two rely on players to buy shark cards to expedite their in-game purchasing.

    Those loot crates are the second worse thing to happen to games. I just want to unlock stuff by playing the game, not gambling away the currency that I earn from grinding.

  6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided does not belong on this list. Yes, it's a single player game and yes, it does have microtransactions, but they don't get in the way, they're not necessary and, unlike most games that halt or slow down progression unless you pay in this one you actually have such an excess of experience points that paying for microtransactions would be unproductive, as it'd make an already easy game way easier. Point is, yes, there are microtransactions, but the game isn't balanced towards their use. If you really wanted to put the game on this list you should have talked about the whole deal with the games preorders, that had such a backlash that they had to roll it back.

  7. Imagine SSBU, but you need to spend $2 to unlock everyone outside the original 8.

  8. Capitalism killing the planet wasn’t enough now its gotta ruin one of the only good things we have left 🙁

  9. yo add hitman 3 that game is a money grab you pay £50 upfront and still have to pay for expansions

  10. That Deadspace comment cracked me up 😂😂😂😂 spot on 👍

  11. Vigor is a cash grab, Dying light was a cash grab, warzone is a cash grab. That’s why I play DayZ. There is no micro transactions.. you wanna git gud? You gotta grind.

  12. Does a time of playing a mobile game and I said to him about the microtransactions and 300 gold cost $126 and 10000 gold cost on the $50 or like what the heck and it said better value another games it's really the other way around all mobile games have microtransactions

  13. The Destiny games were the worst with this, you basically couldn’t continue the game itself if you didn’t buy every expansion. It’s pay to simply continue with the game

  14. Borderlands 3 should be on the list.

  15. I lost a little respect for this channel watching this. No way in hell FIFA isn’t on this list. NO WAY.

  16. The first Battlefront for the PSP was the best game ever.

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