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10 Worst Video Games Of 2018 (So Far)

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Agony indeed.

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  1. Man, agony is the best walking simulator in 2018.

  2. Thangs. I almost buy Metal Gear Survive here yesterday. Bot now I’m glad I didn’t.

  3. Its kinda annoying half the video being moderation without footage

  4. Agony is fun when you play for the first time and don't know whfat you're doing. Haven't experienced a game like that in a while. Kinda reminds me of a ps2 game but in a good way. The different endings give incentive to play again

  5. Mx vs ATV got released shitty because an unknown company by the name of Nordic games made it! Who are they and why did they takeover the titan that that was THQ?

  6. 3 months later and behold fallout 76 a game where the level design is so good that you know that they had to try to make the game completely worthless it is basically a audiobook simulator

  7. Can we have Jules redo this video? Just a thought.

  8. Im suprised diablo immortal wasnt on this list but i think i would enjoy this game.

  9. If there’s an update for worst games of 2018 fallout 76 needs to be on there because it is the largest turd of a game I’ve ever seen


  11. "them to from fear effect" – every issue of ops(1)m since release

  12. I was excited for Agony. I'm definitely not a satanist, but if I love games that explore hell. Couldn't get enough of it in Doom, Dantes Inferno is the best media depiction of hell ever, even Minecrafts semi version of hell was really cool. I want a scary hell game though. A good, scary hell game

  13. If anything has VR in it, Im already passing by. I don't think you can compare VR games to regular games because it's not at that level yet

  14. Metal Gear Survive…..


  15. i expected fallout 76 or something more general publicited.

  16. I'm sorry but there is no way metal gear survive is a bottom 10 game released this year. Disappointing is fair but the game is not by any means bad. If it was made generically and didn't use the metal gear series assets there is 0% chance it makes your list.

  17. I actually made the 200 iq decision of playing the demo for metal gear survive b4 the release of metal gear survive and I immediately cancelled my pre order and I told all my mates 2 do the same and showed them y

  18. I bet Fallout 76 is going to be on the list in December

  19. Thumbpwn for bringing up anything related to sex into an argument about the game's quality

  20. Super Seducer (aka Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 2018) shows us that lust DOESN'T sell.

  21. Personally , I found the story of agony interesting . Yeah there were some flaws in gameplay and it could have been better. But I enjoy the story , and the different kind of game it was. I kinda wanna see another , better built successor to agony

  22. I know this was uploaded 4 months ago, but Fallout 76!!!

  23. One thing he completely missed about Super Seducer is the fact it is totally tongue in cheek. By the second one, he calls in airstrikes and weird foreign friends. Proof that this guy never played the games he mentioned. Too bad.

  24. Okay content. But i'd rather see more clips of the topic than you talking.

  25. Damn, wish I could go back to these times.

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