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10 worst video games of 2018 (so far)

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10 worst video games of 2018 (so far). We’re at the halfway point of 2018 so now’s a great time to look back at the first 6 months. There have been a lot of really good game releases but also quite a few terrible ones. In this video we are going to take a look at the very worst video games that came out up until now. Here are 10 bad video games you should avoid.


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  1. I haven't heard of half of these. ALSO, a game called Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy was bound to be bad. Games with such generic names like that are only ever mediocre at best, but most of them aren't even that. Seems like an easy target.

  2. super seducer has great scores, and its pretty funny

  3. They're talking about games in the Vita in 2018, I thought that thing died years ago?

  4. how is scribblenauts showdown a worst game?

  5. Fear effect sedna is the worst game in the World. It's so baaaad

  6. Played none of them i just k ow Fear Effect is dead. And it WAS so good.

  7. Narattor your voice is also terrible lol

  8. Ni No Kuni II – absolute dogshit writing, cringey and minimal voice acting, awfully messy gameplay and unimaginably boring story.

  9. Super Seducer should not be included. Because it should not existed at all

  10. Agony was a game I was really keeping an eye on, and hoping would be good. Sadly it wasn't and so I never bought it.

  11. I come from the future. Red dead is out and wild west has no reason to exist. We can all sleep soundly

  12. Most early to even today's JRPGs developed by small(er) companies than likes of Square are quite bad to mediocre. This was especially true when most of them started transitioning to 3D graphics just later in the 7th gen. Take a look how Neptunia evolved, to the point where IF themselves completely disregarded their original trilogy, as well as how Atelier got this far.

  13. do be honest firewall its much better from bravo team..

  14. This is personal opinion. If it was fact then PUBG and Fortnite would hold the top 2 spots on this list!!!

  15. Yeah I'm gonna have to get super seducer, looks like a 10/10 for sure

  16. What you talking about??? The game in the beginning of the video is the best game of the year 10/10 no questions about

  17. Metal gear survive…1 fucking fence and the zombies choose to go for it.

  18. Soyborne. Born, made, and undone by the soy. says:

    The "How to be a creeper" game looks hilarious. And bad lol.

  19. Girl with female privilege makes fun of guys that have to learn how to meet women because that's how Society works 🙄

  20. Thank god that wasn’t red dead two in the thumb nail…

  21. There was a new Fear Effect this year?….

  22. Metal gear survive is actually really good game.Just ignore metal gear in its name and think of it as a survival game.

  23. All he did was compliment her innocuously.

  24. lol, I knew that wasn't red dead in that pic.
    but ya gotta hand it to whoever
    made that failure. feeding off the gamers running out of patience waiting for the real deal.


  26. I wonder how many feminists were triggered by super seducer

  27. a game with centered around pick up line? sign me up 😀 😀 😀

  28. I thought that was rdr2 in the thumbnail until I watched the video

  29. Don't EVER mention Metal Gear Survive again. Any MGS game without Hideo Kojima isn't an MGS game at all, and a die hard fan like me would avoid it like the plague.

  30. Did you guys ever put The Park on one of your top 10 worst games. It wasnt even worth 5$ all u do is go around on park rides a follow this creepy dude till the end that's it. Game was over is like 20 min save your money folks.

  31. Who else clicked bc they thought Red Dead 2 was on the list

  32. It's too bad that, "Wild West Online," failed so badly. On paper, it had so much potential.

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