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12 Best PC Games You Had To Play In 2018

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We look back over 2018 and pick out best PC games of the year. What have been your best PC games of 2018? Let us know in the comments.
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The Rock Paper Shotgun team tried to boil it down to the top 10 pc games for 2018, but there were too many to choose from. We’ve each picked our four best PC games 2018 and then there’s eight more general picks to bring us to the 20 best PC games in 2018. It’s very hard picking the best PC games 2018, as there have been so many wonderful games. Our list looks at everything from the mega blockbusters of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Forza Horizon 4, all the way to indie masterpieces like Return of the Obra Dinn and Slay The Spire.

We haven’t ranked these PC games of the year – if they appear on the list, they are worth your time – but feel free to offer your definitive rankings for your own best games of 2018 in the comments below. These are all available on steam – yes, it doubles as a best Steam games 2018 list – but you might want to shop around for better prices. We hope you enjoy this list of top PC games 2018 – it’s a very personal list, so we’ll understand if you disagree with it. Please do let us know your own picks in the comments below. Our favourite thing about the end of the year is reading GOTY 2018 lists, especially when they have your PC games of the year.

We’ve had a great time on Rock Paper Shotgun covering PC games in 2018 – many of the games in this list have an even longer video associated with them. They’ll pop up throughout the video, but here are some links to longer video essays on our top pc games in 2018…

Why Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a messy masterpiece:

Forza Horizon 4 is one of the best racing games ever:

Why we love Dragon Quest XI:

Reasons we can’t stop playing Hitman 2:

Why Thronebreaker is a true Witcher adventure:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: what works and what doesn’t:

Strangest bits of Yakuza 0:

Alice plays Two Point Hospital’s Bigfoot DLC:

Megaquarium is Theme Park with fish:

Alice and Noa do battle in Spy Party:

And if you want to read Matthew’s review of Return of the Obra Dinn, you can find it over here:

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  1. Another Rimworld omission. I'm starting to consider it one of the most snubbed games ever.

  2. Wow. So what like two games were pc only games lol. The rest were on other platforms

  3. Red Dead Redemption 2 and GoW.
    Oh wait…

  4. We'll miss you Noa. Best of luck in you future endeavors.

  5. Well thanks for reminding me about Spy Party. I actually bought The Sexy Brutale on the cheap at crimbo, thinking it was Spy Party… 😀

  6. Where is Celeste on this list guys? It's omission = automatic fail

  7. the red strings club maan…so good!

  8. I didn't buy a single game that came out in 2018. At least in 2017 I bought shadow of war and in 2016 I bought Doom, but this year nothing came out on PC that was good enough to make me want spend money on it.

  9. this is truly the best list of games i have ever seen :). keep up the good work

  10. assasins creed is done ever since they decided to go for the leftist agenda

  11. Sly the Spier is great! All the rest I assume comes with a bowl of rice. How dull.

  12. Every best game of the year list has to include Witcher 3, EVERY YEAR!

  13. May calm sea await you throughout your journeys, Noa.

  14. Subnautica lifted my spirits in 2018, most fun I had with a game all year !

  15. The campy one-liners have got to go. I honestly could not finish video because them. Good luck getting more subs though you guys.

  16. assassins creed is no longer assassins creed, just a witcher wannabe

  17. Origins and Odyssey are terrible AC3 or Brotherhood are the best!

  18. some are good some are worst. You mixed milk shake with cow dung and now calling it a chocolate,,,,,,,,,,,, yep that ;s how my likes to this video changed.

  19. Are you insane where the hell is the greatest game of all: Read Dead Redemption 2

  20. Cool list. Thanks Noa and all the best this year. My favorite game of 2018 was also Dragon Quest XI. It was sooo good. I've played Dragon Quest even back to the early Dragon Warrior games, and this JRPG was a quality we've not had since Persona 5, (coz I think Final Fantasy XV was trash lol)

  21. didn't even mention Kingdom Come Deliverance 🙁

  22. You had me the second you started playing the DQ11 OST 😀

  23. when you keep girls in videos to get more views, but viewers forget you and treat you like no one


  24. ponen que eligio cada uno pero la lista es igual a todas JAJA

  25. "I love it, it makes me happy." That's the most wholesome honest opinion I've heard in a game review.

  26. Where is FC5? It's a great adevture game with good grphics…. Why haven't you included it?

  27. What is the game where the Minotaurs shooting the gun

  28. we talk about PC Games but show 360 footage …..

  29. Maybe a video that does not also have cultural socialism please?

  30. Generic Quest 11 has yet to regain the splendor of DQ 7 or 8.

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