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12 Most Anticipated Video Games Of 2018 – Ranked

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2018 is going to be historic.

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  1. METRO EXODUS is the most anticipated game of 2018 for me. Too bad that it wasn't mentioned.

  2. No mention of upcoming Batman game hmmm

  3. Metroid Prime 4 IS NOT CONFIRMED for 2018, just in development

  4. No way Days Gone and Last Of Us Part II are coming in the same year.

  5. i liked "Beyond: Two Souls" i don't get the put downs myself…

  6. Oh come on, no "Shadow Of The Colossus" or "Shadows Die Twice"?

  7. Metro: Exodus and Sea of Thieves are conspicuously absent, but other than that, good list!

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  9. The Last of Us 2 is probably my most anticipated game of all time.

  10. "World War Zee"? Mate, you're English, why would you pronounce it like that?

  11. I know nobody's wants to hear it what about smash bros

  12. Damnit Scott not even my closed captions can keep up with you dude. I'm most pumped for that God of War title, which appears to be set in a Nordic area. Makes sense, Kratos has already killed off all the Greek gods, why not off another pantheon!

  13. I thought days gone was a naughty dog game

  14. So slavery and civil rights is "Cringey"? Wow😂😂😂

  15. 6 of these 12 games are ps4 exclusives…make a list that involves everyone…thanks.

  16. Top 12 now
    12 Summerset
    11 Summerset
    10 Summerset
    9 Summerset
    8 Summerset
    7 Summerset
    6 Summerset
    5 Summerset
    4 Summerset
    3 Summerset
    2 Summerset
    1 Summerset

  17. I just see lots of exclusives that I'll never get to play. Good going publishers.

  18. There’s a reason u don’t have a lot of subs, your opinion is not needed..we want facts not how u feel about atraeus in god of war

  19. i cant wait for the spyro reignited trilogy

  20. detroit become human was definitely worth the hype. didn’t find it cringeworthy at all.

  21. Syphon Philter was the best stealth shooter games ever made. Literally every game in the series is absolutely fantastic and worth going back to play even in 2018. If your a younger gamer, go back and play Syphon Philter

  22. List of ps4 exclusives lit I’m excited

  23. Watch at 0,75 speed, he speaks like crazy or late to somewhere.

  24. I'm not sure what would make anyone think Uncharted Lost Legacy is the 2nd best in that series. For me, it's tied in last place with UC 3.

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