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15 Things Players Hated About Video Games In 2018

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This isn’t the first time we’re saying this, and it definitely won’t be the last- 2018 has been a stellar year for video games. After 2017, many expected that this year would be more of a breather as the console generation gathered itself and geared up for its final, frenetic stretch, but it’s just kept on going. We’ve been treated to a great many landmark releases, the indie industry is stronger than ever before, while VR has also started to show its true potential.

But while things have been getting better on a lot of fronts, there are some ways that the industry either hasn’t taken enough steps forward, or seems to have stagnated, at least for now. In this feature, we’ll take a look at fifteen such examples in 2018 from across the industry that, in spite of all the good stuff, have stuck out like a sore thumb.





  1. Overpriced addtion contents purchased games.

  2. nintendo using the same fucking games with the same fuckig characters over and over and fucking over again!

  3. And all I want is a open world game of thrones game. Like red dead redemption 2 but game of thrones .

  4. Don’t announce games, just release them.

  5. People upset with Bethesda because they spent 200 bucks on a bag that came in the wrong material. Not pissed at all that spent 200 dollars on a FUCKING BAG. Morons.

  6. majority of the list was encroached by EA and Fallout 76

  7. Bethesda employee… guys this shit is not done we need at least another year.
    Bethesda CEO… fuck that shit sell it anyways, gamers will play anything.

  8. FF7 remake will never come out EVER. They have been working on that shit since ps2

  9. from the perspective as a PC gamer the industry is (has been) going in some worrying directions.

  10. Brilliant, this is why I Only brought Spiderman red dead and Jurassic park , and i used to spend hundreds each year and would be and avid Fifa player skipped it this year probably wont go back

  11. I disagree with Ultimate's DLC package: Each individual piece is roughly $5. How the HELL is five DLCs worth $25 overpriced?!?

  12. Hood Ninjaichi Gaming and Entertainment says:

    NBA live 18 and 19 has 0 microtransactions

  13. forsaken isnt worth any money. same shit as others

  14. So that destiny 2 thing is just a blatant lie lol. You absolutely can ply forsaken without the other two. They allow for a level jumping option to get yourself to the correct place for the forsaken campaign. You just can’t access the two locations from the other dlcs. And if they were disappointments then that should be totally fine that you don’t play them lol

  15. Gaming bolt. I'm looking for you to notice me. I have an idea for a video but I want to know that you care about your comments to respond before I throw an idea out there.

  16. I dont know political is GamingBolt, but what pissed me off the most this year is catering to SJW retarded demands, distorting the truth in a supposedly historical game, and calling loyal fans uneducated for pointing this out. Yes im talking about this idiot from EA who offended fans, about BF5, and fiasco of its sales (seems like it bothered more uneducated people). I dont know how could you miss that, unless you wanted to deliberately.

  17. I don’t see a problem with games having large install sizes. Sure it’s annoying when red dead 2 takes 7 hours to install but I would rather have a huge install and ample content than the opposite.

  18. I hated that Walmart Canada leaked some of the bigger announcements and ruined E3 for myself.

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