17 Minutes Of Spider-Man PS4 Open-World Gameplay | E3 2018 - friv2018games.net

17 Minutes Of Spider-Man PS4 Open-World Gameplay | E3 2018

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Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games brought their web-slinging PS4 action game to our E3 2018 stage for a live gameplay demo that featured a classic villain, The Shocker.

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  1. I‘d like to see an iron man game similar to this

  2. I stopped trying Spider-Man games a while ago. I never had any fun playing them.

  3. As much as I love Spider-Man 2, I think the best open world Spider-Man game is Web of Shadows. The only flaw with WOS is the fact that Peter Parker isn't in the game. Spider-Man never takes his mask off

  4. why is there so much webbing stuck in the mic

  5. just wondering…when YOU DO SUCH A HUGE EVENT…..is anyone of you NOOB guys checking the Audio ?
    Obviously not.
    hope all Spider-Man fans get something good^^
    FVCK xBox

  6. I thought that it couldn't get any better than Spider-Man 2 for ps2 damn was I wrong

  7. get ready boys, the Spiderman game we've been waiting our whole lives for

  8. I can see that Web swinging will be a lot more complicated.

    I like it

  9. There Web rush! Yes it doesn't put you at a first person view. It could be called something else.

  10. haha what, no one plays Spiderman because "they want to play an Insomnia Game". Just make a fucking Spiderman game

  11. This kind of gives me the Path of Neo combat feels Classic

  12. Take pride in your work and don’t upload videos with terrible audio.

  13. I did not know about this game until december 2017 I got my PS4 in March 2016

  14. You know, I'm really excited f–……..and what they accomplished what I really wanted, which is th-…….. And f-……..was my favorite villain of the bunch.

  15. So much talk about making a spidey game for the fans and what not yet they limit it to one console, I guess money talks for exclusivity

  16. Sittin here Thanking god i have both

    Ps4 & xbox 😌

  17. Horrible audio. You'd think gamespot could handle the tech side of this.

  18. one this game makes me want to replay the batman Arkham series that's good
    two i hope this game is so super successful that insomniac decides to use the profits to Finally give us Resistance 4
    cant wait

  19. I love this 🎮 SO much,but it would be very Spectacular to save children in this 🎮,because Spider-Man protects his city.

  20. I Love how Spiderman kicks him off the roof and shoots a tripmine so he wont die

  21. Lol what happened to the Xbox and PlayStation wars ? I don’t hear any Xbox fan boys talking now 😂

  22. am i the only one that hears this guy with his lisp cuz i wanna fucking kill myself when i hear him speak. lol

  23. it's a shame that a character that is universally beloved has a game that's exclusive to a certain group of people

  24. I don't really like the look of the physics when swinging round the city

  25. Web of shadows 2 please 🙁 id pay 2000£ for it.

  26. I’m sad they didn’t added any symbiotes in here😩😒.

  27. Sigh…Still not the web-swinging caliber of Spider-Man 2. We want to SWING!!! Not glide through the city! Stop pin-pointing every landing and making the movement so choppy…If I pin-point a landing on the edge of a building, I want it to be because a carefully calculated my momentum and swing power in order to do so…not because I just web-zipped to the exact location.

    Still looks like a promising game…but just disappointing to see that the swinging still isn't what it was for Spidey 2.

  28. I hope the Hud is customizable. Why do we need a minimap if we are just gunna see the icons littered around the gameworld as we are web swinging? Too much cluttering the screen takes away from beautiful visuals

  29. This looks great but why is Peter Parker built like a brick shithouse?

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