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19 Comic Book Locations to See In Marvel’s Spider-Man

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We take a quick tour around Manhattan, taking in famous Marvel locations from the Sanctum Sanctorum to Avengers Tower.

Spider-Man’s New York (2004 vs. 2018):

The First 20 Minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Gameplay in 4K:

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  1. You forgot Roxxon where Tandy Bowen or easily known as Dagger’s father works at

  2. What about the ghost busters HQ and the Zuul building (the one marshmallow man climbs) they are in this game too!

  3. I haven't find the Pop's barber shop… did someone spot it somewhere ?

  4. What about Baxter Building and the X-Mansion? So what if its still technically owned by Fox?

  5. They should put in the X-Mansion, Baxter Building, Punisher's Arsenal, Pop's Barber Shop, and Harlem's Paradise. Maybe something for S.H.I.E.L.D. also.

  6. They should make interiors for all those buildings.

  7. Doctor Strange making in appearance in a DLC would be lit

  8. I would give this game a 9.2 personally! Leave you're thoughts down!

  9. All this video does is make me want a Lego Marvel game with all the characters, but made like this game was.

  10. I can't find Baxter Building? Is it even in the game?

  11. “Why aren’t the Avengers in New York during its biggest crisis yet?”


    “Fair Enough”

  12. Wheres The Baxter Building?

  13. New York has to be the worst place to commit any crime whatsoever…with Doctor Strange, the mighty avengers, and Spiderman. I mean there is just no way some shoplifter is gonna be able to beat hulk or Thor nevermind all the others.

  14. Nobody going to mention that the avengers and dr strange are in New York but don’t help when the sinister six overrun the place?

  15. Should of did the X mansion & moon knight

  16. You guys could have put the road addresses in your description because half of these are hard to find (Nelson & Murdock’s isn’t listed on the in-game map!). Lacking “how to find these locations by address” in your video. 😕

  17. They should've added:
    • The Baxter Building
    • X-Mansion

  18. Looks like they have a lot of the most important mcu locations

  19. When you take a picture of the sanctum peter says something like "always seems like there is something strange going on in there"

  20. 2:13 I think Blasto is the name of the bar. Does any one else think that?

  21. How come no Avengers mansion and no Baxter building in this game

  22. I remember in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game you can go to Queens and Manhattan what will be even cooler is that if you can go to Westchester New York and see the X mansion

  23. 0:56……….this is what you were looking right………thank me later…..!!!!!! 😀

  24. In this game do they have the fantastic 4 lair

  25. 20: There is a Roxxon Gas Station in Harlem at the top right corner

  26. In Remastered instead of being written Alias ​​Investigation on the cardboard is written “Homeless Need Help Thank You” 😛

  27. Where's the Baxter Building? Fantastic Four's home base?

  28. Correction: Michael Keaton's Vulture didn't work for Damage Control in Spider-Man: Homecoming. He lost work to them in the movie's opening scenes, precipitating the whole super villain thing. IGN regrets the error.

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