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2017: The Worst (and Best) Year In The History of Videogames

Skill Up
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2017- What a year. I firmly believe that this was actually the worst year in the history of videogames because for the first time, we took tangible steps backwards. We saw some of the best games ever released, but we also saw a structural realignment in the games industry, where publishers became increasingly reliant on predatory mechanisms as a core part of their business models.

Either way, it’s been a hell of a ride and I choose to believe (hope) that 2018 will be far better to us than 2017 has been.

Enjoy the holidays everyone. All the best.

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  1. Fantastic video! Enjoyed the discussion a lot. I always believe microtransactions can be implemented in a game correctly.

  2. Thank you for the most insightful gaming videos on YouTube. When I see a new hour long video, I can't wait to hear what you have to say. I started watching with your Division videos and like you I have moved on. Although the Division seems to be getting better press these days. And a special thanks for not starting any video with "What's up guys skillup here. Press like and subscribe if you like the video."

  3. You ever gonna review any of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games?

  4. Actually the game publishers( EA, Activision ) forced the devs to add this stuff. Thats why Cod games come out every year. Cod games are glitchy but publishers dont care because they are racking in millions of dollars. Bungie wouldnt put scummy microtransactions in there game, but they are because activision made them. After all, the publishers fund the game that developers are making.

  5. I don't mind overwatch loot boxes. It's just skins. Destiny 2 is just a huge disappointment. Even more than destiny 1 was. I don't understand how they made made such a bad sequel. I think it's all Activision. They're the ones behind microtransactions because they're the big publisher. Right?

  6. I prefer to pay $ 100 for a complete video game, with zero microtransactions and that all the DLC's are delivered to me without additional costs. It's not about money, it's a matter of principle.

  7. This is why I stopped playing every video game. I just felt like games were terrible this year. Ok every video game except D2. Dont judge me.

  8. Need for Speed Payback's speed cards were fine (post patch). They were easy to obtain just by playing the game and didn't require any real world money to be spent (there is also a glitch to duplicate them as well, in case you feel lazy).

  9. any person who ruins themselves financially over cosmetics and blames it on the "predatory gambling nature of lootboxes" should just kill themselves

  10. Yet another British accent gaming pontificator channel.

  11. Worst year in gaming was the year motion controls were shoved into every game, so sometime around 2008-2009.

  12. I'm not angry, I'm depressed about the state of video games. Something I've loved so dearly since I was a child when my mother bought my sister and I a Super Nintendo with donkey kong country, and kirbys avalanche. Back then gaming was something to be loved and cherished as it was a time for all of us, including my mom to spend time together to have fun and spend precious moments together. Now it's all about exploiting small children into begging their parents to spend more money on a game that already costs 60 dollars. I have been shunned for my love of video games by the very industry that created said love within me. I hang my head everyday something negative is said about the newest video games releasing and I sincerely miss the days of watching my mother enjoy kirbys avalanche more than I did, for what it was, a complete game for you to enjoy.

  13. i really hate eververse in destiny 2. people say that it's just cosmetics. But they aren't just cosmetics. the items have perks. some ghosts might have the ability to detect treasures on the minimap, making it easier to farm for materials; while other ghost don't have the perk(s)

  14. pubg yes but thats what keeps you playing exept if you can buy those crates then no

  15. I personally don't get outraged about loot boxes or crappy micro transactions.. but what I do get worried about is a legacy of younger children growing up with these models and thinking their alright. That you Need to get loot boxes or that MC gun/skin/whatever. If all games start to become like this it could seriously warp how games are made and change how people view them.

    It seems more insidiously devs/companies don't care so much about the initial outrage and blowback, but are hoping that newer generation of gamers fall in line and adopt these shady policies.

  16. Is skill up still doing warframe content?

  17. damn I forgot I was subbed to you and I love your vids good to be back on your channel

  18. There is definitely a difference between Overwatch and Battlefront 2 though. Overwatch is purely cosmetic whilst battlefront 2's is completely based around progression.

  19. Fucking A Jared… nod of approval

    Shut your fucking mouth.

  20. Bruh remember when halo3 first came out man I had so many good times with that game 50 two star general here!❤

  21. The NFS one had me on the floor. Goddamn that was ridiculous!

  22. that development chart looks funny mate, and undermines your otherwise good video. what does Y axis stand for? also, bigbudget game development spans multiple years, how can I understand development cost for a single game by looking at this chart alone? do you have any reference for that?

  23. I understood your point but I disagree that these backwards attitudes from publishers and developers turned 2017 into a 'worst' case scenario, even though BF2 sold well it still felt short of EA's projections and the media backlash will sure make ripples over other studios planning similar predatory tactics. Maybe I tend to look at the Half full glass of water but this year was pretty great for gaming with a bunch of amazing titles, let's celebrate that instead but keeping an eye open for the bullshit of course.

  24. I'm kind of proud to admit that I had already adopted the mindset of supporting devs that deserve my money before watching this video.
    Here's the list of everygame i bought in 2017
    -Dishonored 2
    -Xcom 2
    -Tales of berseria
    -Nier automata
    -Persona 5( my goty)
    -The kingdom hearts complete series
    -Horizon zero dawn
    -Wolfenstein 2
    -Zelda botw
    -Xenoblade chronicles 2


  25. Wow I really love how easy is to understand what you are saying and you are right on point man.

  26. Never felt the utility of buying Bright/Illuminated Engrams, what am I missing?

  27. I was very happy that you was the one who convinced me to try out Nier Automata and Warframe. I may not allway share your point of views but I can respect your opinion cause you done your reviews with research and logic arguments.
    Isacc Newton said one times "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". I think you may stand today on the shoulder of a giant but soon you will be a giant like the other 10 (11) channels mentioned in your video.

    Keep it up, I looking forward for your next content.

    PS: When will we finally see your recation to "The Apostasie" in Warframe ;)?


  29. To be honest Activision and Ubisoft have an excuse an it's no the typical "Development costs", one that if you look to it, you could understand that is not all their fault and it's about an company that every time it enters the Video games industry it always do more harm than good, in the first case because of the fact that thanks to them and their mistreatment of them and the mismanagement of their IPs, some the most creative and player-focused minds left only leaving the more greedy ones in charge , and in the second they are trying to get all the money it can to prevent themselves being taken by them

  30. I actually disagree with this and I'm going to put forward in the following comment one point I think you've missed.

    It all points back to one of the points you mentioned citing that publishers don't need to put lootboxes in for a game to be profitable and you cited a development cost graph from one publisher (EA). This misrepresents the situation as that graph only defines the initial development cost and not the cost to maintain. I argue that games as a long term service are more prevalent now than ever and in order to continue development on a game you need a system in place to monetize continued growth of it.

    Once this makes sense you're left with a choice. Monetize your games using expansions, season passes, etc (Division, Destiny, Battlefield, Diablo 3, to name a few I know but there are tons and tons of examples of this), monetize your game through cosmetic lootboxes (PUBG, Overwatch, Rainbow six sort of recently, CSGO, Dota 2) or monetize it through direct purchases (League of legends, Path of exile etc)

    I posit that all of these systems have pros and cons and should be considered on a similar playing field. However, one important distinction needs to be made which is that this model ONLY makes sense when a developer promises/follows through with continued development after the initial release. I'm going to cite some examples I have personal experience with but path of exile gets quarterly big content updates so people are okay with cosmetics being gated behind cost. Overwatch gets events, new characters, new cosmetics, new maps so people are okay with a lootbox system. PUBG has yet to prove they'll consistently deliver long term support but it has been expressed by the developer to be an interest so we'll have to see there but a new map/guns so far has me confident. Dota 2 gets huge content updates.

    I'm going to step out of that argument for a second to posit why I think this mistake happened from your end (and from many others). Feel free to ignore this part I'm less confident in it. I think you're a type of player that has typically enjoyed buy it once, get a good 50-60 hour experience and be satisfied with your purchase style of game. What is happening now that IS a travesty is that this games as a service model described above has bled into games where it doesn't belong. Destiny 2 gating MAJOR progression systems behind it, Battlefront 2 showing no promise or expectation of support are both good examples of how this system IS actually predatory.

    If anyone ( I REALLY doubt) made it this far you might ask yourself why does this stupid commentor even care. I care because i'm afraid that your opinion (an apparently very prevalent one) will destroy the future of games that I love and am able to play for free solely because of a lootbox system.

  31. I'm subscribing because he doesn't base everything on his opinion and has facts

  32. I think you were right to juxtapose lootboxing in games with the hypothetical scenario of lootboxing in real life. But I feel some people can forgive lootboxes because they treat games differently from necessities like cars and medicine. Until people start mentally vivisecting games as necessities, I don't think lootboxes will go away. Ergo, this vid is good, but because it doesn't get to the core of why lootboxes are bad, it's a little disappointing.

  33. I mean, I don’t have a problem with loot boxes as long as they follow the path that overwatch did. Purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect gameplay whatsoever. Let idiots spend money on that. Gives the developers more money without harming the consumer. Shadow of War took it a bit to far to where you get gear for your troops and that means they added more grind to incentivize buying the loot boxes. But I can live with that. Is it a little shitty? Sure, but as long as the game is fun and enjoyable, I can look past it. Battlefront took it to the highest level and made it pay to win. That is the scummiest thing you can ever do in a AAA title with multiplayer. In Shadow of War, it’s all single player. It doesn’t affect the surrounding community. Not in battlefront. It harms everybody with these loot boxes, including gameplay.

  34. I miss the days where I could just go into a store, buy a game and play it, never worrying about the developer or monetisation or the industry at all.

  35. Um… you can unlock everything in Star Wars Battlefront 2 in about 60 days, for free. It was like that at launch, too. For comparison’s sake: 60 days in Warframe is enough time to build (less than) 20 Warframes. That’s it. I get that one’s free and the other is $60… but… like… come on now. Skill up, my guy, you kind of fell into the trapping of group thought on this one. Battlefront 2 was quite an ironic sacrificial lamb considering it actually was less greedy and predatory than the vast majority of its peers.

  36. With the exception of a few exclusives, Overwatch's skins are all easy to get for free lol.
    Barely anyone needs to even buy 1 lootbox with irl money, you can earn them easy af lol (like 1 per hour), and even if you get unlucky, coins are very common, so you can just buy them straight up.
    But hey…

  37. 5:20 mind you but spoilers were always cosmetic only in Need For Speed games (aside from Prostreet and Shift series), so spoilers didn't affect performance whatsoever in the game shown (which is NFS Underground). Also, good riddance for the speed cards from Payback that are absent in the newest Need For Speed, Heat.

    6:34 and BTW, Forza 7 removed its loot boxes before things could have gotten any worse.

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