2018 NYCC Funko Reveals | DC, Marvel, Video Games, Star Wars, Hanna Barbera, TV Animation + more - friv2018games.net

2018 NYCC Funko Reveals | DC, Marvel, Video Games, Star Wars, Hanna Barbera, TV Animation + more

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New York Comic Con starts October 4th! In the meantime, Funko has started to announce their exclusives to the show. Let’s talk about them.

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  1. Wasn't captain america's shield able to come of, the older pops, or did people just rip them of 🤔

  2. I have a few Funko Pops but I don't collect. I think that George Glass Pop is hysterical.

  3. "Its a penny for your thoughts-not $5!" hahaha!

  4. To be honest for me SDCC was better. But if we are considering the tv DC. Commons as well then NYCC love the flash pops. The show is meh but pops are amazing 👌🏼

  5. There's already like 50 Overwatch and 50 Fallout Pops. I'm ready for other stuff. A lot of good games out there.

  6. So excited for this wave of DC. Thanks for all the info!

  7. It’s funny how funko tries to say they help people get the pops they want but also making limited editions which attracts resellers.and trust me,resellers will ruin pops,I used to like supreme until resellers ruined that.oh…also,these two agree too much,no fun. Guarantee funko charges full for the Brady bunch.theyre actually becoming worse than supreme.

  8. When do these pops hit stores? Anybody know?
    Loving the Marvel and DC releases for the most part.

  9. I loved the marvel line i was a bit let down by the SDCC stuff, but they more than made up for it with the Black Panther stuff and come on okoye with the snatched wig thats going to be the one. Also like the Reinhardt Variant and Killer Frost and flying super girl. Plus Biggie even though its Toy Tokyo. And loved the fact we got Jabba Jaw. I'm looking forward to where this goes. So much chrome from DC.

  10. I don't know how you all do it…I just cant keep up with all these new releases constantly coming out. I have funko burnout and i only own like 4 pops lol. like the vids though.

  11. The waves this year are just really bad. It's kind of sad since I'm going to NYCC too so that's disappointing. Hoping the next waves are better.

  12. I love your vids thanks for letting me know what pops are going to be at The New York con keep up the good work 👌

  13. The Butai brothers really should be bobble heads. Was part of the bit.

    I have a pretty big list here. Jessica Drew, Rex, okay mostly at Hot Topic buying.

    I remember Jabber jaw well as think was in the USA Cartoon Express and forget the channels that aired in either weekly or Saturday blocks when was an 80s kid.

    Better as I missed my main want in Stinkor.

  14. Nycc is always better for me the Marvel wave has killed it !!

  15. I would just prefer a Miek pop than korg holding Miek

  16. "It's a penny for your thoughts, not five dollars."–Yes! That "two pack" seems very much out of "the emperor's clothes" to me. Funko testing out how far they can push it and get people to pay more than what these little chotchkies are worth. Also, you didn't know Jabber Jaw!? The Curly Howard-inspired scaredy-shark. (Also another riff on the Scooby Doo theme.)

  17. Excited! Wondering your thoughts on FYE? Is their site easy to maneuver? I don’t have one nearby for me.

  18. YES! So excited for the Vashta Nerada pop! From one of my favourite episodes "Silence in the Library" which features Donna Noble, River Song & David Tennant's doctor. The Vashta Nerada is a species that are essentially "the shadows that melt flesh", everyone is warned to stay out of the shadows. For some that don't the shadows collect in their spacesuits which kills the person but the suit keeps moving (so watchout for those with two shadows which is the sign they are the next to die)… dun dun dun River Song storyline-wise this is the first time the Doctor meets her, but the last time she meets the doctor (as their lives/timelines are running in reverse order).

  19. Been waiting for Supergirl as a pop from cw awesome pop by the way mark a show called titans shows a picture of batman for the show it's official just thought to let you and Ashley know man
    Peace 🙂

  20. Nothing for me so far – I wouldnt mind the Carnage but if Im honest im happy with the original one for a cheaper price. The Dum Dum is good as well but as I dont have Touche Turtle either I can give it a miss. SDCC was much better…..at this point anyway.

  21. Their doing Korg and Meike cause theres alot of rumours going around that Korg and Meike be in Avengers 4

  22. Jabber Jaw!! I used to watch that cartoon…I hope I can get that POP.

  23. 17.42,17.44 JD from scrubs would like those parts lol

  24. Hey there, I’m David, long time follower first time commenter. So you’re on the fence huh? I have almost all of the rick and morty pops and I’m looking to unload all of them all at once. I know you already have some so you would end up with several doubles, I really just need to get rid of them. If I don’t I won’t stop collecting them, I’ve been collecting for about 2 years and I really can’t afford to keep doing this. And I only collect the rick and morty, I can’t imagine the personal hell you live in. Anyway, contact me on Twitter @ruckus503 if you are interested. We will discuss price and I will provide a complete list. If not, no worries I’ll still watch your show🙃

  25. You two crack me up with Hanna Barbera pops. I grew up with those cartoons. I’m excited about the Vashda Nerida pop. That two parter introduced River Song and was very creepy. I’m still waiting for the rest of the doctors.

  26. Do we know when these are being released at stores?

  27. I was just thinking that they need a JabberJaw pop but to have Funky Phantom! Now I just have to get these!

  28. There more at NYCC I like to get than SDCC.

  29. What day will the overwatch one be at GameStop

  30. Ah hell yeah its great to know there are other MWC tv show.
    Also A no mam shirt al bundy pop would destroy me because i would have to have it.

  31. They should do gatorclaw from fallout 4 for a game, and raven/ravage 2 pack for fortnite.

  32. The Dr. Who pop is AWESOME (fan from the 80s)… The Roxbury twins need to be bobble heads, no?

  33. Where can i get some o tem hot topic exclusives?

  34. Funko dropped the ball not having Doug & Steve Butabi be bobbleheads.

  35. So over chromes… It is so extremely lazy. I have to admit the reveals on this day kind of made me mad. So man reused molds.

  36. Love your videos and agree with you this years line up for NYCC is VERY weak… for me it’s fine cause I only need Gearhead and looks sooooo cool

  37. I screamed when I saw that sexy Vashta Nerada funko pop 😂

  38. who else is sad that they didn’t include a new arrow pop with the Supergirl and flash pops

  39. I really hope they do the walking dead video game and avatar the last airbender at some point u would love Lee and Clementine pops

  40. I agree that funko is just not making pops that really people will go crazy for. The only one i like from this reveal is the gold target batman.

  41. If we have jabberjaw, why not dune buggy? They both had a promo together where they were talking about how weird they were.

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