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2018 Pokémon North America International Championships: VG Masters Finals

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Watch Justin battle Jeremy in the finals of the 2018 Pokémon Video Game North America International Championships Masters Division (match starts at 5:06)! Learn more about the Pokémon Championship Series on our site:


  1. Tapus shits sucks….. I want XY metagame back……

  2. you know these things are dumb everyone uses these legendary pokemon which in a way I don't think should be allowed I think they should make it where it's a little more realistic like my team will consist of beedrill, muk, crowbat, tentacruel, pangaro, rhydon and driblim I try to get most of them as my party of 6. theres 7 pokemon listed some games don't offer beedrill. this use of legendary pokemon is just stupid to be honest

  3. They look like they don’t come out of their dark room

  4. I love that they both have an awesome team and then they have amoongus

  5. Are you ready to show us a good match?

    d e a d s i l e n c e

  6. I saw Jeremy's strategy. To use mega meragross to weaken his team so that amoonguss could put them to sleep so that they're useless and sweeping them with rotom.

  7. Are those david clark aviation headsets?

  8. I'm playing Pokémon Moon and I just entered a live competition (2020) but I can't find an opponent because here in Hungary there are literally no trainers and I forgot this could happen (no opponents) so yeah.. But now I'm just looking at the competition and the date says 02/22/2017…??? Now that's interesting because it's 2020. Could someone please help me somehow? Maybe inform me about how this works?

  9. Is it bad to say that this is exactly how i expected the best pokemon players to look like

  10. Put two pokemon to sleep at once? Isn't there a sleep clause?

  11. Does the person who wins get a gym badge?

  12. Wow the water type move didn’t kill the grass type what a surprise

  13. Cuando tu y tu pana juegan a ver quien es el mejor xd

  14. I just battled jeremy yesterday and i haven't realized that he was the international champion

  15. I'd love to see someone bring out an eternatus

  16. I love how a lot of kids buy cards and play by their own rules

  17. I can’t be the only one who thinks he sounds like sark right?

  18. Sleep is too op. Imo it shouldn’t be allowed

  19. Bruh why do they basically have the same freaking team!?

  20. Really they don't have any legendary pokemon I have 10 of the pokemon

  21. i honestly didnt know that VGC was such a hype event. and i aint complaining!

  22. Why was everyone running a zapdos like wtf psychic one shotted his ass lol

  23. 10:25 That Ice Punch from Justin was driven by frustration instead of using stomping tantrum on that rotom

  24. Justin Should've saved Metagross for Legendary Tapu Lele and I bet that annoying rotom still haunts him today With Ally Switch

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