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2018: The Year That Shook Video Games

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Now that the new year has arrived, we look back at 2018 as a whole, covering developer news, studio closures, and new releases across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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  1. Wow! This is wonderfully done.

  2. The year Sony shook video games. Fuck you Microsoft

  3. Nah, that was 2017. As many good moments we had in 2018, there were so many bad ones to drag it all down. Not to mention those bad moments didn't go away but continued to grow throughout January 2019. Hopefully, we might see an end to it all in Feb.

  4. What was the detective game he said? I couldn't catch it. Oberden?

  5. All I know is…IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BE A GAMER. I'm over 50, been gaming for 40 years. Gaming 'til i die. Oh, and I have a life. LOL.

  6. The best games are sp games. Long live sp games! Fuck ea

  7. No mention of Diablo Immortal? Lol. Great video anyway!

  8. I missed where he mentioned the Diablo fiasco near the end of 2018 🤔

  9. More people need to play Astrobot and the PSVR, VR is getting better and better👍🏻 it will be the future of gaming.

  10. 2018. The year of generation defining single player games. Never been a better time to be a gamer.

  11. 2018 was easily the best year of this generation.

  12. When the fuck was Kratos ever generic? And what exactly do you mean by generic? Because if you gave me a description of Kratos's character, without even mentioning his name, I wouldn't mistake him for anyone else.

    These corporate "gaming" channels have no ideia of what they are talking about.

    How can you ignore the depth of such legendary of a character, like nobody cared about Kratos, knew who he was or even sympathised with his story before God Of War 2018 was a thing.

  13. I have an idea. If you don't wanna work for a studio, quit.

  14. For the amount of factual and useful information in this video there is also a lot of bullshit. GameSpot you are supposed to be better than this.

  15. Spiderman wasn't that great.. it was okay but whatever.

  16. when EA said that singleplayer games were dead, they basically dug themselves into a deeper hole.

  17. Am i the only one who found spiderman just boring, it lacks the depth that the arkham games had. Couldnt even finish it i got so bored. RDR2 game of the year

  18. If I were to choose One game from 2018 I would choose:
    RedSpiderGod-DeadMan Redemption War

  19. 2018 has been the year in which my favorite franchises have been destroyed.
    battlefield, fallout.

    but maybe the shocking fall of the stock prices in AAA game publishers,
    will change their mentality for the years to come.

    but lets be honest.
    EA wont learn.
    activision wont learn.
    Ubisoft wont learn.

    i’m done being hopeful
    every hand of hope i’ve extended these publishers have been spat on and slapped away!

  20. God of war has always had depth if you would just pay attention.

  21. What exactly is this "living with mental health?"

  22. While it's not really my jam, games journalists have got to stop mentioning Sea of Thieves as if it's the same game as when it launched. There is SO much content now and they have a huge player base now. It's lazy to act like it stayed "No Man's Sea".

  23. I was with you into the whole sexism part. That LoL part is a joke ,"oh no,a few people made a few harmless jokes better make a big deal out of it". Also,that part about a hostile working environment because of a few stupid jokes pisses me off. I had a manager who would yell at me,insult me,treat me like I was special but I never said anything but a couple people couldn't take a few jokes and reported that to HR? Ugh.

  24. You got A like from me because of the Ratchet & Clank clips

  25. I hope rockstar makes their next game with insane amounts of world physics. I loved the physics in rdr2 and gta series, and the RAGE engine has so much potential

  26. One of the most guinune video I've ever seen ! Keep up the good work!

  27. How tf are you going to talk about games of 2018 and barley mention fortnite. I’m sorry but fortnite was before the most popular, focused game of 2018 and is probably the most popular game ever Mande.

  28. great human review of the year.. thank you gamespot for giving me a better light

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