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30 BEST Games of 2018 With INSANE GRAPHICS

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Graphics are always subjective. Someone might appreciate a phenomenal cel-shaded aesthetic while others will find realistic visuals more compelling. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of games with amazing graphics in 2018 and beyond. Let’s take a look at 30 such titles and why they stand out the most.





  1. How can you say these games have insane graphics, if all these games are unfinished. Most games are downgraded from footage that is acually shown in trailers. You can only say they have insane graphics if they look like exactly the same as these trailers on release…..

  2. 11 of these games are PS4 exclusives. Sony is on 🔥 this generation. There is no reason not to get a PS4 along side whatever console you already own.

  3. [Gravestone] <Star Citizen fanboieez waiting till DEAF>

  4. Learn to pronounce “aesthetic” properly. It’s painful to hear it repeated as “a-esthetic” in video after video.

  5. 97% of the games are PS4 exclusives or 3rd party AAA titles……. Unleash the power of the X! 😂😂😂

  6. imagine if fallout 4 had graphics likes this i hope they make a more advanced engine for the next fallout

  7. the next …….
    the next ……..
    how did you know the graphic will be INSANE ?

  8. You basically presented all 2018's upcoming games haha

  9. gameplan and decent graphics > overrated graphics and bland gameplan.
    Cross platform > Exclusives

  10. while i game on the ps4 (2 games), the xbox on S (four games), the PSP (one game), and the PC (50+), i cannot understand how people think exclusives is a good thing. Only slaves think that shit is good. the xbox division might not have exclusives but MS is still making money from all the computers sold with Windows and oh the software you, companies, and schools buy lmfao.

    as long the xbox one is making money, MS isn't sweating shit.

  11. there are rumors and pictures going around that the new god of war has gone under a severe downgrade in order to run properly on the base ps4…pictures comparing the state it is now than the last years trailer show that this is the case..rumors maybe?!we will see…the only game i care that doesnt dissapoint is the last of us part 2

  12. WILD, anyone? I know it has no official release (or base info, for that matter) so it may not/probably won’t come out in 2018 but the graphics in that trailer? damn

  13. Gotta love that shiny, shiny 30fps..

    Even if the game is a fucking complete diarrhoea laden toilet, confirmation bias will have some saying it's fucking epic!

  14. Wait what? Skull and bones is multiplayer?
    Looks like its dead to me.

  15. So excited for this years game releases. Detroit and GOW are gonna be mint

  16. Didnt know death stranding is releasing on pc

  17. I don't think cyberpunk 2077 will be out this year but hyeah I am excited for it. My entire 2018 will be focused on indie games to be honest since AAA horror isn't that good anymore.

  18. Death Stranding PS4 and Windows? Mmmmm.. we shall see.

  19. Where was Sea of Thieves? Been playing the beta and the graphics are amazing. Please don't confuse art style with graphics.

  20. 1. Stop saying "a-esthetic".
    2. Stop using same old recorded outro all over again.

  21. The world of Final Fantasy 15 is called Eos, not Nifilhiem. Nifilhiem is a country in the game where the empire resides.

  22. A-esthetics are you taking the fucking piss lol? Is it just me or does anyone else find it hilarious how dumb some of these YouTube announcers are 99% can’t pronounce even the simplest of words correctly,I mean c’mon if it’s your job to talk for a living LEARN to pronounce the words you have to say.

  23. Status college where dramatically pound significance stretch bishop sex

  24. This guy is still saying freaking "Dragon Ball Fighter Z"!!!!! Damn it!!! It's Dragon Ball FighterZ (Dragon Ball Fighters)

  25. Death Stranding won't come to PC. Death Stranding is a colaboration between Kojima Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment. SIE is the publisher for Death Stranding and owns the IP. Death Stranding is running on DECIMA engine which is a engine from Guerrila Games (Sony studio) and is an engine that is customized to use the detailed capabilities of the PS4 and PS4 Pro system and is only compatible with those systems.

  26. Your list is full of shit. Half these titles aren't even dropping this year. Get it together.

  27. You show how to download plant vs zombies garden warfare in oppo

  28. You show how to download ps4 Spiderman game in ppsspp gold android

  29. Damn no KCD but the Crew 2 makes man Feelsfishyman.

  30. And Far Cry is probably one of Ubisoft best looking franchise game

  31. So absolutely stupid to do a video of best graphics and include console games. Yes there are excellent graphics there. But the best by far are PC version or PC exclusive. What a waste. Thumbs down!

  32. Pre-rendered footage, retarded comments instead of audio from trailers. Nice channel

  33. far cry 5 FTW,best looking game till now

  34. hey yoooooooo! I you think you forgot to add deus ex. The mankind divided.That's graphic s are incredible. i think you should try that

  35. disliked, you didn't provide the list in the description

  36. Quite a few PS4 exclusives here XD. They do have better looking games, to be fair. They always have.

  37. 4 years old Alien Isolation still kicks all of them asses.
    By the way, wait for Just Cause 4

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