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$30,000+ Game Room/ Man Cave Tour Video Games, Board Games, Movie Theater + More

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$30,000 Game Room Tour of my Basement Man Cave in 2018. Video Games, Board Games, Movie Theater.

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  1. to dark need better lighting if your going to show anything off also poor poster collection

  2. What’s the brand of the leather couch at the end of the video anyone know?

  3. Props for the mighty ducks 🦆 poster. Surprised you don’t have a “Little giants” poster.

  4. HUGE thumbs up for displaying that GIANTS flag. Cool man cave as well. GMEN 4 LIFE!! 👍

  5. How do I have more subs than you, if you could giveaway subscribers I would give you all of mine.

  6. What are best games to play on Nintendo seitch

  7. can you tell me where do you get a pin case/cabinet that you have? i have a ton of pins and would love to display them nicely in something like that. btw your game room is amazing ! crazy theater setup 🙂 earned a sub

  8. The last of us is actaully a ps3 exclusive that was remastered on the ps4

  9. Here is my $30,000 worth of games!!!

     [shows sour patch kids for 10 mins]

     lol nice game room though

  10. I did manage to end up getting a GameCube after a ps2 but one day stupidly gotten rid of most of em 😡 now have got 25% of them back which is a start. Great video btw

  11. You can sell all that at gamestop for $46.99

  12. one day, i'm gonna make a room like u'rs.
    thanks for sharing, i love it ♡

  13. This guy does have the bucks. Must be lucky.

  14. What app is that on the iPad for smart home control?

  15. I think all mancaves are cool or movie theatres. I really like to see other peoples ideas and setups.

  16. Worst intro I've ever seen. Cringe to the max.

  17. 30000$ collection; that would say nothing. A person can buy a game 70$ and an other the same for 10$….So, I just think you want we all know that you spend this money… I put the same on a motocycle but I dont make a video on youtube….But your a Giants fan, so you cant be a bad person 😉

  18. that is the most disgusting game room ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Puts ski mask on spiggoty swootie im coming for that collection ….of …board ….games

  20. My entire house is my “man cave”

    My wife is my chick not my mom

  21. I like the your projector and your theater seats.

  22. How much do you think it would cost to build a building for a gaming and movie man cave???

  23. Bro you should be hiring that out for 10k a night to stag parties. 💰

  24. Best Wii game mw3 I loved it on my Wii when I had it

  25. Cool cave 😉
    I know is old materiał but i got Question 4 this 18:47 Nice stuff I must have it, what is the cost of such a toy and what is needed, i don't have to control the whole house, 19:06 is enough unless the price difference is not huge ?

  26. Leftist Racist Sexist Misandrist Multigendered NPC says:

    By far, the best man cave I 've seen.

  27. If you say "You guys" one more time I will find you and I will…..break in and play for hours in your awesome room.

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