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360 VR | Monster | Michael Myers

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See how long you can last.
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Experience 360 on your mobile phone or Chrome browser.
Control the camera by moving your phone or touching the screen.
Thanks to Brent Coble, Zeke Thomas, David Bower and
Featured Song: “Bridge” by Jason Scardamalia
Available for free download at
Unlucky neighbor: Madison Lawlor.
❤ and 😈 , Tony and Jarrett



  1. i watched this on a pc couldnt even tell wtf was happening. couldnt see a thing.

  2. Good thing I did this while pooping. I didn’t need to change my underwear

  3. No one:

    Me: eating my chicken strips and sipping on my ice cold water

  4. When Michael Myers pop out I got scared for a second but I thought that was my brother cuz I was in that video

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