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[4K] Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Complete Digital Foundry Analysis!

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Early game spoiler warning at 3:20! Skip ahead to 3:30 to avoid! You’ve been warned!

Everything you need to know about the technology behind Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, along with detailed comparisons with the much-debated E3 2017 demo. How has Spider-Man changed over the last year – and why?

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  1. 2018 was an amazing year
    GOW, Spider-Man, RDR2, etc.
    I wish I could go back

  2. 2021. Play remaster 60 fps + rt + same resolution with improve model, shader, and texture…

  3. Just finished this game yesterday… Visually fantastic game with a nice story and very stable performance throughout all these updates made to the game I would rate it a 10/10 for me

  4. Geez, I played the entire game on ps4 thinking it was a locked 1080p and saw no difference 😳

  5. There are no cubes. The interior is a shader. The geometry doesn't exist.

  6. Had to revisit this vid now that I have the remaster and Miles on PS5. I can't appreciate enough Insomniac's level of talent.

  7. dude presentation shows like ps4 can handle light refelctions on suit but that shit cant handle it so final game has no shiny material, full stop

  8. I've got a launch OG ps4…. But I want a pro.
    Just for spider-man, red dead redemption 2, and God of war.. Once I finish them I'll get a PS5, lol
    (it'll take me that long cuz I've got a 3yo daughter.,lol

  9. I feel like later on people will recognize the PS4 as one of the greatest consoles of all time. Just look at the exclusives.

  10. I've played Spider-Man PS4 10 times and I never noticed the building reflections transition. It looks a bit weird but it's really cool.

  11. I love the final look of this game. It looks absolutely stunning on my TV. I really hope it gets a upgrade for PS5 too.

  12. I like the more glossy look of the suit in the E3 2017 version it looks more detailed to me the final version looks more cartoony.

  13. microsoft needs to get insomniac back to make sunset overdrive 2

  14. showing NEW Ratchet and Clank game as an example of something good from Incomniacs. SMDH.

  15. This looks genuinely spectacular for how limited today's gaming consoles are!

  16. so nobody is going to talk about that amazing intro of this video

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