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[4K] Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Complete Digital Foundry Analysis!

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Early game spoiler warning at 3:20! Skip ahead to 3:30 to avoid! You’ve been warned!

Everything you need to know about the technology behind Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, along with detailed comparisons with the much-debated E3 2017 demo. How has Spider-Man changed over the last year – and why?

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  1. just wanted to point out that this is a beautifully edited video 😊

  2. Now that we are coming to the end of this generation, and with such impressive character models like Cloud in FF7 Remake still raising the bar; I would love to see DF do a breakdown comparison of the best character models of the last 7 years. Cloud, Kratos, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Nathan Drake, and Jesse Faden from Control all come to mind. It would be awesome to have the team weigh in on which they think is the peak of modern game modeling.

  3. The amount of detail and focus on the little things just makes me amazed by how much work this must have taken

  4. The puddle fiasco is down to a change in the the procedural algorithm that generates puddles. No conspiracy, just different code. This was revealed during a GDC talk, where an engineer had to search for the cause of the disparity based on the internet uproar.

  5. Finally i can show my pc & 1x buddies why they should also have a ps4 pro as well. Wow insomniac has really done spiderman proud this is truly incredible & 1 of the best gsmes i have played in 3 decades of gaming. Shows what a talented dev team can deliver & that level of detail is really impressive. On par with naughty dogs finest! Roll on ps5 but until then then Sony is killing it with the pro. Fantastic video analysis bro huge like & superb channel. ✌👊👍

  6. Re watching this video today and I just noticed the two floating cop heads on the right at 8:11.

  7. I don't even have a PlayStation so not sure why I'm watching this

  8. I learn so much on The Digital Foundry's videos, it's great ! 🙂

  9. People always complain about something, they did a fantastic job, as does Digital Foundry, great work all round

  10. when this game final come..i hear someppl said …oh the full game are not same of e3..look at the floor water…e3 had much more…

    so this full game had cut more detail..this is rubbish game..haha!!That is what i hear most ridiculous in 2018

  11. Watching Insomniac and their different games makes me think just how amazing they are and Sony is lucky to have such a great studio. Xbox Studios are one dimensional. Halo, Halo and Halo. Sometimes GOW or Forza. It is like they are not smart enough to work on new projects.

  12. There are also no shadows of Spiderman when Spiderman standing in front of a vehicle headlights.

  13. At 8:59 I legit though my computer blue screened because I was watching this fullscreen.

  14. It’s a warm filter!!lmao. Spider-Man is a instagram ho ho ho

  15. When MS hired this studio they could finally make a great non shooter exclusive game but guess what? they decided to waste money on another shooter…

  16. I have an Xbox one X, cause of the amazing specs. I was going to go for the Xbox Series X cause of that beefy GPU. But I've passed on this game for too long, whenever I look at gameplay I want to play it right then and there. Getting a PS5 day one to play Spider-Man PS4 and Spider-Man Miles Morales. And then the full sequel, Spider-Man 2 PS5.

  17. 12:30 Are these cubes or materials with depth? The overlapping cube issue seems less like a geometry issue than two non-correlating materials used in the wrong spots.

  18. Digital Foundry, what do you guys use to capture your videos?

  19. Spidy's suit is carrot orange instead of Spider-Man red, the shade of red they chose for Spidy is just wrong but alas too late for anything to be done about it except in the sequel.

  20. Started playing this recently. It’s a stunningly well made game isn’t it. Looks great, plays great. Great production. Very professional.

  21. the E3 demo still looks better for me… shame the game run like crap on my PS4 Pro… the motion blur even off and the lack of 60FPS made it incredibly uncomfortable to play… stopped after 30m 🙁

  22. so nobody is going to talk about that amazing intro of this video

  23. This looks genuinely spectacular for how limited today's gaming consoles are!

  24. showing NEW Ratchet and Clank game as an example of something good from Incomniacs. SMDH.

  25. microsoft needs to get insomniac back to make sunset overdrive 2

  26. I like the more glossy look of the suit in the E3 2017 version it looks more detailed to me the final version looks more cartoony.

  27. I love the final look of this game. It looks absolutely stunning on my TV. I really hope it gets a upgrade for PS5 too.

  28. I've played Spider-Man PS4 10 times and I never noticed the building reflections transition. It looks a bit weird but it's really cool.

  29. I feel like later on people will recognize the PS4 as one of the greatest consoles of all time. Just look at the exclusives.

  30. I've got a launch OG ps4…. But I want a pro.
    Just for spider-man, red dead redemption 2, and God of war.. Once I finish them I'll get a PS5, lol
    (it'll take me that long cuz I've got a 3yo daughter.,lol

  31. dude presentation shows like ps4 can handle light refelctions on suit but that shit cant handle it so final game has no shiny material, full stop

  32. Had to revisit this vid now that I have the remaster and Miles on PS5. I can't appreciate enough Insomniac's level of talent.

  33. There are no cubes. The interior is a shader. The geometry doesn't exist.

  34. Geez, I played the entire game on ps4 thinking it was a locked 1080p and saw no difference 😳

  35. Just finished this game yesterday… Visually fantastic game with a nice story and very stable performance throughout all these updates made to the game I would rate it a 10/10 for me

  36. 2021. Play remaster 60 fps + rt + same resolution with improve model, shader, and texture…

  37. 2018 was an amazing year
    GOW, Spider-Man, RDR2, etc.
    I wish I could go back

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