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6 Combat Tips for Spider-Man PS4

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Combat in Insomniac’s Spider-Man can be a bit tricky as you get started. Here are six tips to give you an edge over Manhattan’s worst!

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  1. I need this. I'm being beaten up every other fight, the Big Boys specially

  2. This is pretty smart. Combining web gadgets to maximize usage. I tend to focus on combo’ing with air strikes and webbing them up to walls, ceilings, or floors. I DID however use suit abilities with conjunction with the mods like electro proof suit with air combat building up a static charge and enemies that melee me get stunned.

  3. I completely slept on the electric webs my first playthrough but the second time around I really made use of those.

  4. If you have the platinum then you know there are 28 suits not 25.

  5. I would say this game's combat system is far better than all the Arkham games. I have played all of them and the combat is much more fluid and elegant in Spiderman. Insomniac games really hit this one out of the park.
    Home run !!

  6. Please I need help ! What is the technique used at 3.23 ?? The mega web attack ? Please ? Cant find it anywhere !

  7. When you get the suit for when you battle doc ock it's ability + spider drones = an army.

  8. How do you do the ground strike? Please tell me. I can't figure it out.

  9. I’ve seen reviews for this game and they are in the 9/10 and the odd 10/10 I don’t think it’s that good 7/10 at best I’ve played a lot of Spider-Man games and I don’t think this is really anything special

  10. Batman Arkham? Spider-Man 2 on PS2 had that type of combat before. The PS4 one is more refined though.

  11. 2:10 the whip guy kicks my ass four square love. Have to concussive blast him, triangle to him and smack him around a lot. I remember today i did sable outpost where you have to do 65 combo move stringed together. Took me 2 hrs of solid play to manage it. Good vid mate. Tips for big guys web them up then pendulum them. I like your tip on antigrave then tripwire them. I just normally smack one with trip wire in a group and let 2 people stick together. Fun to watch. I saw my nephew do a stealth in less than 2 mins (taskmaster) he got gold. The kid is insane with spiderman.

  12. it would be dope if insomniac created a instant replay button to watch AFTER you've defeated the warehouses battles.

  13. Group of enemies + Suspension matrix + web bomb + concussive blast = awesomeness.

  14. Picked up a few new tricks from this, awesome video thanks!

  15. Thanks for the vid. These screwball challenges be f**kin me up

  16. These "tips" are to basically just have a maxed out character with all the best stuff.
    ….This video is useless. Thumbs down.

  17. I wish someone would do a video dedicated to dealing with brutes. They are destroying me consistently, and I haven't figured out a reliable way to fight them. "Just web them up" doesn't work when there are multiple brutes and other enemies who rape you faster than you can shoot webs, and dodge/counter seems ineffective on these guys, sooo…. ???

  18. not a helpful video for people just starting out….

  19. I have to agree with u this game never gets bored….I might’ve taken a break from it go play 2K but the fighting is too addictive and to Spider-Man like to walk away from…game is too official man

  20. I got pretty good pretty fast at combat in this game because I'm used to games like DmC, Bayonneta, Batman, etc…
    But this game's difficulty definitely stepped it up a notch imo. The only one's im still having trouble with are brutes, ykno the big ones, but i usually leave them till they're the last ones standing.

  21. A stealth technique I have is that when an enemy is in "DANGER" mode for takedowns, use Impact Webs on them. This makes it so that anyone who discovers you is easily and rapidly dealt with in the same way. This technique also minimizes suspiciousness.

  22. I like this game but it should be the superior spiderman with what he does lol. Whipping someone into the ground like he does at 0:39 would fuck him up. An upper cut with enough force to send them flying 10 feet in the air, guessing some permanent damage. In the game I've knocked people off the roof at least 10 floors up, yeah their dead. This spiderman is savage.

  23. That didnt help at all…All this shit is obvious, I just wanted to see how to easily take down brutes as a new player, especially when there r multiples and im only at Lvl6 n just got the White Spider emblem suit. There is nothing that shows this! Why not have like a spot in the video for taking down harder targets with minimal equipment.

  24. Is there a quicker way to take down the brutes and guys with armor?

  25. I'm an Arkham fan and played them for years thing I noticed is u gotta be quicker with your dodges in spiderman

  26. I combine the impact web and the trip mine web, its cool

  27. I would recommended completing the game before watching this.

  28. This was so helpful but i’m already good at fighting. Make a video in doch you show new techniques for experienced players!

    Love you!

  29. Just picked up this game. I feel so clumsy with the combat. I found your guide really helpful. I can’t wait to go in with a different mindset and have fun using the mobility and gadgets more.Thanks my guy. 🤘

  30. I’m the only one who does Arkham combat with spidermen game and end up dying instead.

  31. Tbh I'm one of those combat players that goes in guns blazing

  32. How do you get the spiderman suits with the limbs?

  33. Thank you very much!!🙂 I never thought that I could understand the combat

  34. Looks like someone else knows about the double finisher cheat besides me. Speaking of finishers.. camera stays normal sometimes when I do a finisher. The camera animations don’t play at that time along with the slow motion effects or anything don’t happen. It all just happens in real time

  35. how do you finisher 2 1 focus bar = 2 finisher how can anyone tell me

  36. How to throw enemies without webbing them up first?

  37. I can’t help but feel like this games combat is so janky and not well put together

  38. Never occurred to me to trip mine enemies to the ground after using the suspension matrix. Genius!

  39. I'm coming back to this game to complete the DLC after 2 years. I'm so rusty, this video is reminding me of how to play.

  40. I didn’t know there was so many ways to fight. I didn’t even realize you could switch gadgets mid-fight! I’ve been playing for several hours and am starting to get bored because all I do is punch and kick. I still don’t even know how to zip a web at an enemy even when I study the moves list so many times.

  41. What's the best way to get a ton of combos? Cause I'm having trouble getting a 20 hit combo on the Sable Guards since they're all clumped together and I don't have much room to move around, lol. 😅

  42. people who put up how to videos always talk as fast as they can

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