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Let’s have some fun this Halloween, and take a trip down memory lane. When have we been able to get in the Halloween spirit with strategy games? Have they ever been scary? Not quite. But they’ve definitely had a darker streak – they’ve definitely let us embody true evil. Join me in taking a look at 6 of the greatest strategy games that let us be truly evil.

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00:43 – Dungeon Keeper
02:35 – Black & White
04:24 – Evil Genius
05:40 – The Battle for Middle Earth
07:26 – Total War: Warhammer
09:30 – Crusader Kings II


  1. What's the most evil deed you've ever done in gaming? Leave your Sims to drown in a pool? Burn down entire villages? Let me know – feed my curiousity for dastardly deeds!

  2. Hey Elite,
    Do you know any place online where I can buy Black & white? I really miss that gem!

  3. This is Party Mojo – bringing you the top 10 coolest total war trees! NUMBER 10…

  4. I'm so upset that Black & White doesn't work on the new systems 😪

  5. I'm a big fan of the humor of the Overlord games. You can be just a little evil, giving back a stash of grain to the hungry villagers, or very evil, keep the grain for yourself because, well, why not?

    And if you're looking for a great modern Dungeon Keeper, check out War for the Overworld. It is pretty much Dungeon Keeper III, heck maybe you could even do a Let's Play of the game.

  6. Great change of pace for the new content! Greatly appreciated.

  7. There is a spiritual successor to dungeon keeper right?

  8. Europa Universalis >culture shift/attack natives *genocidal sounds*> profit????

  9. Eve Online comes to mind. I was an evil son of a bitch in that game.

  10. where can i buy Black and White 2 ? 🙁

  11. What about Warcraft 2 and 3? Got to play as old horde, good guys who are expertly manipulated, and a undead / demon swarm determined to destroy the world

  12. No human butchering, organ harvesting, galactic raider and frankstain maker cannibal colony? Where is the mention of Rimworld?

  13. Evil Genius is a great game. I really love its humor, the henchmen and the movie parody heroes. And the mission were funny and so Dr. Evil style ridiculous.

  14. Though not entirely evil, but you can choose to be a dictator in Frostpunk. You can arrest those who disagree or banish them to the frozen hell.

  15. Man I wish I could get a copy of Black and White

  16. Modders are making BFME reforged , if there are those with talent among you , they would appriciate the help.

  17. War for the overworld is the spiritual successor to dungeon keeper. Really good game these days.

  18. Dungeons 3 is a nice modern take on dungeon keeper I'd try that if you were interested

  19. I can’t wait to buy a pc to play all these great strategie games 😩

  20. All great games reboot for some would be great. I tried I really did to get into ck2 but dam its hard to learn.

  21. I'm old so I actually remember playing Populous on the SNES. That game was great. Just a genocide-by-drowning simulator.

  22. It's a shame that Black and White 2 seems to have a save bug on current systems that cause the game to crash when you try to save and then not save hours of gameplay.

  23. Ah, Dungeon Keepers… multiple school flashbacks!

  24. Ok. Now you've done it. I want to see a Party Elite Crusader's King II Let's Play. Deus Vult!

    Though Paradox also does Stellaris, where you can play as Fanatic Purifiers, bent on eradicating all other life in the galaxy, or Devouring Swarms, effectively becoming the Xenomorphs, or Driven Assimilators–yes, you can be the Borg. Resistance is Futile. And please, send more than one cube at a time to Earth.

  25. the original Rome Total War: the best way to expand was to exterminate the locals so that they don't rebel behind your, spreading the plague from city to city to wipe the poor folks out and reduce squalor. Leading worthless heirs(of Carthage and not only) into suicidal battles to get rid of them. Putting you captains into unfavorable engagements to get 'man of the hour'. I was a true Mongol in Classic Antiquity.

  26. Main Villan in TW Warhammer is CA. First day DLC, yeah baby!

  27. I still play Batle for Midle Earth it is great!!!

  28. Since Warcraft 3 is finally getting a remake (a very good one at that!), one can only wish…

    …. Battle for Middle Earth deserves a remake as good as that too! Pray to the Gods!

  29. Well I followed the good path, but Mass effect definetly had some evil options.

  30. I'd say the most evil faction in Warhammer 2 is the Skaven – so vile even Chaos wants nothing to do with them, they enslave their own people and conduct rites so foul that they make the lands unlivable even for themselves.

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