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7 Marvel Easter Eggs and References In Spider-Man PS4

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With so many clever details to notice and discover in Spider-Man’s bustling world, you might not have time to see them all. But we’ve highlighted 7 of the most fascinating Easter eggs and Marvel references just for you!


  1. What about the Easter Egg about the Pizza theme from Spiderman 2 videogame?

  2. We need NPCs in the buildings having dialouge

  3. We also need npc at the pool party's dressed to swim and weather Snow thunderstorms etc

  4. Anyone noticed the wwe smackdown reference when spiderman beat up prisoner escapees?

  5. There's also a reference to another Spider-Man in the games. During the Tombstone Side-Quest, Spidey comes across barrels of chemicals from the Alchemax Corporation. Alchemax is the main antagonistic organisation in Spider-Man 2099.

  6. In one of the backpack collectables, there’s a drawing sketch of Peters designs of his suit. One of them had a Deadpool mask, that was crossed out.

  7. There is a statue of lockjaw from Attilan (can’t remember if that is how you spell his name and in the card for leaving the daily bugle (backpack token) it is signed with Eddie Brock

  8. Taskmaster actually watching Spidey when Spidey do his challenges.
    If you able spot him and try to reach him, he will use snake bomb to disappear if you to close to him.

  9. There is a reference of tha wasp in vatures bio 🙂

  10. @1:17 you're telling me that Villian Pub is Marvel canon?!?

  11. The pizza delivery reference got me in the childhood.

  12. In one of Spider-Man’s drawings of early designs, you can see a design that resembles Deadpool. It’s in one of the backpacks.

  13. Rand Enterprises and Alias Investigations anyone?

  14. I find it really disturbing how no one talks about the devil graffiti in several areas of buildings in the game.

  15. to be honest i like task master super power is kind of cool I'men imgne using it against a bully

  16. Though subtle, there's a pizza place that has the distinct music from the PS2 game playing outside.

  17. I know a question is there is there a Venom in the game

  18. Rand Enterprises as a Landmark I really want an appearance of Daredevil since he knows Peter

  19. What if hydra had something to do with oct going rogue and what if they had something to do with the interface failing

  20. Yes you forgot about Rand Corporation, a nod to Iron Fist.

  21. Spider-Man references punisher when he’s stalking the mob and says “these guys need to be punished”

  22. U forgot the Lockjaw statue. That’s my favorite easter egg in the game.

  23. Also when u are completing Taskmaster’s missions if u go into photo mode u can spot Taskmaster hiding in the shadows studying u.

  24. In the Turf Wars DLC, Spidey makes a reference to Captain America whem he fights a dude with a shield and he says: "I know a guy with a way better shield"

  25. I’m telling you, Marvel’s Avengers and Spider-Man are connected. TaskMaster, Iron Man Easter eggs at the beginning of the game, Mentions of the West Coast Avengers, frikking A.I.M for crying out loud

  26. I was expecting the Baxter Building where the Fantastic Four lives and works. Where's the building and why is it the suits of Future foundation and the Bombastic Bag man only appeared as Spider-Man's suits?

  27. Also when commenting about rhino, he says he is his “second favorite Russian” which I take as a reference to his first favorite Russian black widow

  28. One of the backpacks had a kids drawing of Mysterio & Spiderman fighting, kinda like in Spiderman Far from home

  29. There is supposed to be a black symbiot spider man figure

  30. When completing the turf wars dlc in the very first mission as he is fighting the guys with the shields he he says that he knows someone who has a way better shield which I’m pretty sure he is refuting to captain America I was surprised I caught it

  31. This guy speaks with an American accent but the script sounds like a British person wrote it.

  32. One I noticed was that doctor Morgan micheals was a nickname for morbid👀

  33. In the intro of the game, you get to see newspapers, and notes. In one of the notes, there is one saying "Call T.S. back re: job offer." T.S. aka Tony Stark

  34. Also one in turf wars were spidey says I know a guy with a shield that’s a lot nicer then you

  35. This game was made by people of culture. Not just Spiderman and Marvel fans.

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