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7 Things That Will Happen in 2018 (According to Videogames)

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After the maelstrom of world news that was 2017, who could know what 2018 will bring? Videogames, that’s who. For a glimpse of the year ahead, consider how games such as Terminator Salvation, Deus Ex and Iron Sky Invasion predicted what’s to come in 2018 and subscribe to Outside Xbox for a video like this one weekly:

Evil March by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ()

Geminoid HI-1 Robot Video via Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories:

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  1. I know this video isn't about Terminator, but can I just say that one of my favorite things about Terminator is that the Terminator starts out looking fine, but it's not alive, and so its resemblance to a corpse increases as it decays. The landlord comments on this, asking the Terminator whether it has a dead body in its room. And flies land on its face.


    You're gonna have to strike Phoenix Wright from the record my dude, Phoenix mentions in the first game that the new legislative overhaul happened three years prior and since the first Phoenix Wright game is set canonically in the year 2016 we can deduce that said legislative overhaul happened in 2013.

  3. Lol that man made pandemic was apparently delayed 2 years.

  4. There's an Iron Sky game? Oh my freaking lord!

  5. Ahah.
    Very funny.

    Wait till 2020 happens-

  6. Fun fact the legal system in the ace attorney games is a combo of America and Japanese legal system

  7. Man made pandemic? Just wait until 2020. 👍 Also… We need a 2020 video because nothing can be as bad as what actually happened.

  8. Only 2 years off with the man-made pandemic prediction.

  9. Nobody expects about the year 2020 being a living hell

  10. And we thought 2018 was going to be crazy. 2020 said to hold my beer.

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