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8 Awesome Summer 2018 Video Games You Probably Missed

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We’ve reached that point in the year where ALL the AAA games are readily dropping/have dropped. There’s a lot to look forward to. However, take a look back at what’s been. You might have missed some pure gold in 2018.

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  1. I'll become a mom just so I can be your one per list 😉

  2. They look like Chicken Run characters.

  3. I’m early, let me think of a joke

    Your mum

  4. I hope Jules will still have his second per list

  5. i plan on getting runner 3, but just gotta wait till the magical black friday to do so

  6. Did they change the thumbnail or am I going crazy?

  7. I have played laser league, the lack of ranked hurts a competitive game like that

  8. hey everyone guess what…?

    it's my birthday!!! =D

  9. I quite fancy two point hospital but it’s not on PS4 or Xbox which is a shame

  10. There are so many brilliant indie games on current gen platforms it's insane! The problem is that the community always think that quality has anything to do with budget. They are the ones who lose, though.

  11. I think the underperformance (compared to what it derserves at least) of Guacamele 2 may have something to do with Metroidvania fatigue. There are just too many of them in the indie market now

  12. Why would anyone miss these games? Oh right yeah because they chose to spend money on triple A tripe littered with microtransactions-gotcha.

  13. I definitely didn't miss Yakuza Kiwami 2. ☺ I've preordered every game since Yakuza 3.

  14. Guacamelee 1 and 2 are great metroidvanias. It's up there with Castlevania:SOTH and hollowknight. It's not quite in that league but really close.

  15. currently playing yakuza and feeling like where have you been all my life? why have i never heard of you until now?

  16. Oh Jules….. You never fail to make me cringe lol.

  17. Jules the Savage 😂😂😂. Always doing the Most 😂😂😂

  18. If anyone's looking for a new game crossout is free and its an awesome twist on a shooter

  19. Jules is just annoying and recently tries way to hard to be edgy and funny and just ends up being cringe. Come on Jules, do better lad.

  20. Nice to see you're keeping the two per list holstered. Bless!

  21. Yakuza is miles better than shenmue and the "remaster" of shenmue was a joke 🤣

  22. come on jules, how could your love life be a wreckfest when you've slipped it our mums so many times

  23. problem with wreckfest is…it´s 45€!!! if they´d drop the price, people might buy it, i guess…

  24. Just too let u know Wreckfest was originally set to release in November. Is next month now set for a May 19th release date

  25. Just shapes and beats is so underrated. I didn’t even really know what the game was, but I bought it and I’m so glad I did. It’s like a rhythm bullet hell game with a surprisingly good story.

  26. Gaucamelee 2's poor sales make me sad. It's such a good game.

  27. Yakuza kiwami is free on ps4 next monthhhh

  28. Kiwami?

  29. Let me break down political jokes:
    Those of the same opinion will titter at best, shrug at worst.
    Those that disagree will be shrug at best, be annoyed at worst.

    They are not needed, not relevant, and when compared to the usual "one per list" just unfunny. It doesn't matter if you call it satire, you're trying to make a joke that adds nothing to the video for most viewers and detracts from it for the rest.

  30. The word "woke" is used by the decidedly uncool

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