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9 Most Criminally Underrated Video Games Of 2018 (So Far)

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We’ve seen the best, now take a look at the gems that have flown too far under the radar.

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  1. most games are overrated trash.
    I only know 1 underrated game: Transformers Devastation.

  2. Only had very limited experience with Fornite, but I have to assume from what I've seen that's it's overwhelmingly populated by mouth-breathing, foul-mouthed 13-year-olds. No thank you.

  3. The only way "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" gives Bethesda games a run for their money is being a game with more game-breaking bugs than the entire "Elder Scrolls" series combined and that's quite an acomplishment.

  4. Has Kingdom come been debugged, yet? If so, I'm in. I think there's a reason for these other games to be considered not that good.

  5. Jurassic World Evolution got a 3.8 on IGN. I bought the game knowing that and I said: ''IGN is a bag full of bollocks''

  6. I dont think a way out was underrated at all…it was just dumb. I nvr saw anyone take the game serious and instead spent most of the time goofing off.

  7. KCD is set in the 1400's, not the 1600's. It says so right in the games crest, 1403 to be exact.

  8. honestly I think VAMPYR was way better than the reviewers gave it credit for … Im so glad I bought it anyhow, because after watching many reviews I wasn't but one reviewer "ACG" said he had a lot of fun playing it and so I gave it a go, and man! Im so glad i did! Its one of the ones I play the most right now

  9. On rush doesn't Deserve to be here due to its inability to properly even out racing and fighting. The hit boxes on vehicles are complete BS. There's only 6 maps and like 8 songs. The game doesn't even update its cosmetic options or anything else. You drop into matches all the time and the game freezes after about 6-8 games

  10. this guy gives off the vibe of he does not know what he talking about, not a gamer? anyway good list of games, gonna check out some of those.

  11. Get a haircut. For the sake of whoever has to key the green screen for you, jeez.

  12. I liked A Way Out, but the twist was pretty dreadful to my mind.  It felt like the developers wanted to have that final interaction between the players and so tacked on the twist to make it happen.  I thought it didn't feel terribly organic compared to everything that had come before it.

  13. 0:48 Jurassic World Evolution
    1:28 H1Z1
    2:28 Nintendo Labo
    3:30 Kirby Star Allies
    4:28 On Rush
    5:10 The adventure of Cap.Spirit
    6:07 Pokemon Go
    7:05 Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    8:11 A Way Out

    Timestamp are actually really usefull WhatCulture. YOU SHOULD START USING THEM FOR GOD SAKE

  14. Kingdome Come is set in the year of 1403…so that is not 16 hundred Bohemia, not even the 16th century. Greetins from Henry from Bohemia.

  15. Lol all the people in the comments salty because they suck at KCD

  16. Vampyr is so underrated that it did not even make the list of underrated games.

  17. I'd have never payed full price for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I got it on Steam sale months and months after release. I waited for them to fix the worst of the bugs and I haven't found anything yet that breaks my game, but I kind of get what they're saying. The game does get a hold on you, and I have thought about it long after I've quit playing. Not because it's a particularly good game, but it's a very good experience.

  18. I think the most underrated game this year so far is Vampyr. It wasn't perfect, the combat was rough and got repetitive, but overall it was still a really enjoyable experience. The story was great and instantly replayable, the interactions with citizens and how deep the dialogue system let you dig into their lives. I also really liked the setting and Jonathan as a protagonist. I agree that Kingdom Come was underrated, but the amount of time and grinding it takes for the game to actually become enjoyable just wasn't worth it overall for me in the end, not to mention it's absolutely broken on consoles. I was frequently not able to move the camera, my game crashed frequently and with a save system like the one it has that's annoying and the frame rate would sometimes drop to single digits.

  19. Who's going to waste money on these game while game like GOW 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are still out there ?

  20. I find myself agreeing with most of this lists but A Way Out was a sad excuse for a split screen coop game…The whole game was clean and not dark like it should have

  21. Iswear everyone needs to get their hands on A Way Out you don’t even need a friend to buy it to play via WiFi it has an unlimited code the game is so much fun and so good!!!

  22. It took me the whole vid to figure out what accent he has. I still have no idea. :/

  23. you can actually make a list of video games and explain it without showing too much of your face, just so you know

  24. Lmfao What culture really hypes up games that isn't really worth being talked about. Its ridiculous. My guess is, they are getting paid by the game publishers too act like its such an "Amazing" game. Lmao pitiful

  25. h1z1, Nintendo lab… wtf? no, these games are bullshit

  26. These games were rated pretty fairly… Kingdom Come had a lot going for it but technically its a mess. None of these are "Criminally Underrated".

  27. In my opinion, The Adventures of Captain Spirit S*CK ASS! I just lost a couple of hours of my life with it.

  28. Kingdom Come deserves to be under rated. If I actually wanted to do stuff realistically, I would do it in real life.

  29. Trash list with too much indie/Nintendon't garbage filling it.

  30. Yes these are all the games I would never play.

  31. Can you name ONE way that Pokemon Go is underrated? About half of the earth's population plays it, it gets (well, GOT, since its fucking two years old…) mentions from Colbert and Kimmel, and is as close to mainstream as video games get.

    Does WhatCulture use ANY real world metrics for these garbage lists or what?

  32. I disliked when you said Pokemon Go is under rated. Those idiots are all over the city walking into traffic ( yes seriously walking into the street without checking) because there looking at there phone to see if a Pokemon is near and not checking the for turning cars.

  33. I'm not trying to be shitty, but this guy's accent is unbearable.

  34. What about Infinity Blade 1, 2 and 3?

  35. i want to see the game not your face thank you

  36. 45secs in and already begging me to click subscribe. hmm nope. If I like the content of a youtube channel I will subscribe happily, however nag me to do it and I'll not.

  37. im getting sick of these cancer battle royale games

  38. these are all underrated for a reason if you can even say they are.

  39. These games are not underrated. They are niches, worse than their competition, generic, not available on every device or not underrated at all. I have heard of every game expect onrush, but that is a generic racing game.

  40. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set in 1402 Bohemia, not 1600… There's a big difference lol

  41. Underated…Proced to put one of the most if not the most played game in the world amonth some other relative big titles that allready had their good marketing share.

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