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9 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Spider-Man

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Here’s 9 tips and things we wish we knew before playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4.
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  1. I thought the game was gonna be hard but nope not to me

  2. Who else has the game but doesn't know anything about Spiderman? No one?

    Ok I'll leave now

  3. In crowd air throw enemy will stun them for a short period.. Ur welcome..

  4. Things I actually wish I knew beforehand

    -Double tap L1 to swap between the last 2 web gadgets
    -Upgrading the Perfect Dodge will let you one hit KO shooting enemies (helps with jetpacks very well)
    -In DLC, the Iron Spider Arms let you throw around Machine Gun Heavys like a Hank Pym love interest
    -Plant a web bomb right as the suspension matrix ends to take everyone out of the fight (most crimes can be taken out 100% with this)
    -Fully upgrade the web drone as soon as possible, they look weak but take out guys faster then you, especially in swarms
    -Immediately web up a Brute then swing kick to take them out super quick
    -Grabbing and throwing items while in the air is so much faster then on the ground
    -Grabbing a thug with Y while within punching distance will let you chuck them off buildings quicker then a swing kick

    Side one for a side mission: The final Black Cat location is in Sable territory, you should finish her side quest before the mission "Out of the Frying Pan" otherwise you'll have to deal with them first.

  5. The most op thing in SMPS4 is the spider bro suit power with the spider drones all at once..
    Aawwwwww yeaaahhhh

  6. I saved my skills points till I had enough to buy all the skills at once

  7. I Can't stand watching people Play and they do everything in a rush or carelessly even when the Game is showing you what buttons to push Like it takes time and patients and also don't rely on your gadgets so much and my biggest pet peive is when people wait until their an inch away from death to finally do something about the bigger thugs or the thugs with the guns like that's so Annoying that clearly shows that they don't know what their doing and they don't know how to fight and they just shouldn't have bought that game

  8. This game feels a bit like I’m spider sissy not spider man

  9. Throw a grenade at an enemy he’s stunned for a bit wtf enemies are stronger than they should be definitely makes you feel like not a super hero hopefully it gets better

  10. Web Blossom much more helpful than Electric punch. Punch = Stun where as Blossom = Incapacitated

  11. Help! I'm well along in the game and still haven't figured out the buttons to use to activate a gadget. I know how to select a gadget but not how to deploy it in combat.

  12. I button mashed the fuck outta this game not gonna lie

  13. Finished the entire game plus all dlc last night… Really wish I had found this video a week ago!

  14. Only thing that is shit about the game is you can't restart it with your abilities and gadgets full, what a crock of shite,insomniac games messed up you can always do it in ratchet and clank……… Sent us a patch!!!

  15. Bro after watchin ur gameplay i have a tip for you. ““O” is for dodging “

  16. Oh trust me I don’t button mash I controller smash

  17. Just level each skill tree at a time till you get to two points/three points per skill easy af even on Ultimate

  18. This is all stuff that just happens and you find out by playing it not a lot of tips?

  19. My tips for playing: Use the fuck out of your gadgets. I spent the first half of the game ignoring my gadgets, which was a huge mistake. During combat, I probably use the triangle as much as I do the square. Also, the swing kick is a great combo starting move.

  20. It's amazing to me that all the advice is accurate… And yet… Whoever is playing while being able to technically follow the advice… Just… Sucks… So much… I don't think there was a single scene where he want 10 seconds without getting hit. I've gone two hours without getting hit in this game… I have two friends who are even better than me and go longer still than that…

  21. interesting thing i noticed, when you knock bad guys off roof tops they don't hit the ground and die, the game auto webs them to the sides of buildings same as if you'd trip mined them. guess the designers didn't like the idea of spidey brutally murdering people.

  22. suspension matrix + spam spider drones = instant mob kill

  23. I wish I knew that almost everybody gonna be targeting me when I'm swinging through the city in the middle of the game

  24. I just bought a special edition red Spiderman PS4 just to play this game

  25. 1) hold square to launch enemies then use a trip mine. Instant web kill.

    2) hold square then use web shot and hold triangle to pull them down to the ground and that’s an instant web kill.

    3) when being overcrowded use shock webs to shock everyone at the same time then use a web grenade and the little gravity thing at the same time and just slam everyone into the ground.

  26. I wish I would have known that you can dive bomb for achieving faster
    swinging AND that its essential for being able to swing up high. Before
    I learned this I had to climb only, in order to reach the highest
    rooftops. Now I can reach any high point while swinging, by dive
    bombing into swings and staying on the web until the high point before
    releasing ! Its amazing.

  27. How about spider-bro?
    You can use him for crowd control too right?

  28. What?! No!! This game goes so fast, guys, heres your tip – save Fisks hideouts and all the crimes for later! The game becomes like empty if you clear them first!

  29. Uhh… Isn't taking out the goons with the guns always first?

  30. Came here before I play GoTy edition. Curently on sale for 22.49 at psn UK.

  31. But… This game is NOT hard at all even on ultimate difficulty

  32. I find the elictrified fists to be much less useful than the web blossom ability. Webbing the whole sceen instantly? Hard to beat.

  33. Does anybody know that spiderman ps4 is an alternate dimension

  34. The best way to get better at gameplay is to actually play and learn how it functions . Spider-Man isn’t a difficult game so tips aren’t needed

  35. 9 tips you need to know: me: i already played it

  36. Thing number 1 the advanced is orange and it bothers me alot

  37. Something I learned late was to use the gadget to throw everyone into the air. Wait for them to drop then throw a web bomb on them and they will all get webbed to ground. So easy to catch 10 at a time with 2 gadget uses.Very OP.

  38. This games combat is like Shadow of Mordor but not as fun.

  39. Pro tip, electric punch can also easily beat brutes into submission as they can block or dodge while having a seizure

  40. Just watching this makes me wanna play the game again once I got home. 😅

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