A VERY SCARY CHRISTMAS | Horror Game Xmas Song! FNAF, Bendy, Baldi, DDLC and more! - friv2018games.net

A VERY SCARY CHRISTMAS | Horror Game Xmas Song! FNAF, Bendy, Baldi, DDLC and more!

The Stupendium
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‘Tis the season! And typical of the season, I am very behind on my Christmas content this year! But after a good few sleepless nights I just about managed to get this thing together!
This is actually last year’s festive song I never got time to make, but a few quick re-writes later to add some new characters from this year and here we are! A festive ditty about what would happen when Freddy Fazbear and the gang meet up with Bendy, Baldi, Granny and every other trendy horror character for a very special Christmas!

Massive thanks to all of my Patrons over on Patreon for supporting this video!

2018 has been a huge year for me that has changed my life in so many ways, so thank you to every one of you for making it happen!
I’ll be back in 2019, see you there!

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Lyrics, Vocals and Video by The Stupendium
Additional Linework by Sheax.
Instrumental by Eskelater!


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The Stupendium is a London based musician, animator and content creator, creating weird, wonderful and usually incredibly nerdy songs and animations. Join him on his journey to obscure, niche internet stardom! He has some pretty decent videos, wonderful facial hair and a great sense of discomfort describing himself in the third person.


  1. Am I the only one who noticed at 5:33 Stupendium is holding a PS5 which this video was uploaded in Dec 20, 2018 and the PS5 was announced in June 11, 2020

    Stupendium is a wizard in this

  2. Everybody gansta until we all realise that tattletail is based on christmas

  3. I hope the only thing being stuffed is the turkey… heh…
    Oh no

  4. OK but if I was in this situation I would be like nah and either lock myself in my room or fucken run out my house

  5. Please add Helltaker in the next one (I think it would be cool to have him in with/without some of his harem)


  7. I like how your music isn't just all the same, your raps and rock songs are good but it's really nice have a slower and calmer song like this, great job!

  8. 4:44 idk why Flowey is here, but i guess Omega Flowey is pretty creepy

  9. mr x would have been a great lawn decor

  10. Pyramid Head, my favorite! Happy holidays, you make the best songs for my nerdy gamer brain.

  11. I bet the stupendium at 0:56 didn’t think he would predict the name of the main antagonist for little nightmares 2

  12. I fear no man but this man's talent scares me

  13. They should’ve added Little Misfortune and Benjamin talking to skull headed creatures

  14. Ok the flowey tree is actually adorable

    I guess I could say that the Stupendium was… DETERMINED to decorate him. (Sans pun.)

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