A Visual History of THE SHIELD In WWE Games! (2013 - 2018) 🎮 - friv2018games.net

A Visual History of THE SHIELD In WWE Games! (2013 – 2018) 🎮

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We take you From their Debut in 2013 all the way to their reunion in 2017 as we explore Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, & Seth Rollins “The Shield” Video Game Appearances in the WWE Games Franchise on a brand new episode of our video-series A visual History.

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A Visual History by EspacioNinja Is a video Series that Documents the visual aesthetics and gameplay mechanics of popular game franchises.

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  1. Escapio who are your current favorite wwe wrestlers

  2. You're awesome dude I want my channel to be like yours. My extreme moments aren't as nearly as good as yours, and I've only made 1 video on WWE 2K18 and I desperately need to make more.

  3. What editing software do you use, I want to know so I can ask my Dad if I can get and make awesome content like you EscapioNinjaX.

  4. I remember thinking WWE 2K14 had such amazing graphics at the time it came out. Looking back at it is crazy.

  5. Lol Dean Ambrose in 2k15 looks like Red Foreman but with hair.

  6. It's cool how you did their history all the way from when they debuted to where they are know that's pretty awesome to do.

  7. Since 2k16 and 2k17 dont have the shield’s original clothes i just made them

  8. What the hell why does your 2k17 version of randy have red underwear and my version has grey

  9. The shield 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  10. Why can't they make like a full shield entrance where they would come out of the fan entrance, walk down the stairs instead of them just walking half way through

  11. Rollins looks worse and worse each year on these games…

  12. They should really add Roman’s oooooooahhhhhh before he spears someone instead of bending down holding on to the rope waiting for them to get up

  13. For 2k16 and so forth, they all have their alt. Attire for the shield

  14. SR Is the best man their will ever be in WWE history who will replace John cena when John cena is in the hall of fame… 😀

  15. 2k15 mixed with 2k18 would have the best graphics ever

  16. Wwe 2k18 is best because I only play wwe 2k18 and 2k17

  17. Back then when they used the running forearm smash as the Superman punch

  18. Start of video and everything cannot be touched

  19. Sabes que podias fazer o atir de shield no 2k16 eu fis

  20. Sierra

    Rip Shield 2012-2019.

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