All Hulk Transformations in LEGO Marvel Videogames(2013-2018) -

All Hulk Transformations in LEGO Marvel Videogames(2013-2018)

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This video shows a look at the all hulk characters with transformation in LEGO Marvel Videogames(2013-2018)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes(2013) :
00:00 Excelsior Hulk(Stan Lee)
00:18 Hulk(Bruce Banner)
00:33 Red Hulk(General Ross)
00:47 A-Bomb(Rick Jones) – Super Pack DLC

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers(2016) :
01:01 Hulk(Lou Ferrigno)
01:19 Hulk(Bruce Banner)
01:36 Hulk A: AOU(Bruce Banner)
01:53 Red Hulk(General Ross)
02:09 Excelsior Hulk(Stan Lee)
02:26 A-Bomb(Rick Jones)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (2017) :
02:42 Hulk(Bruce Banner)
03:01 A-Bomb(Rick Jones)
03:16 Hulk: Ragnarok(Bruce Banner)
03:29 Red Hulk(General Ross)
03:47 Totally Awesome Hulk(Amadeus Cho) – Champions Character Pack DLC(2018)


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