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Check out All Flying Characters in LEGO videogames:
➤ ALL Lego PC Videogames from 1997 up til 2018

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MDK – Maverick Hunter (intro)


  1. Lego city undercover in 2016? I think thats wrong but correct me

  2. Many of the dates and pictures are wrong. I have all of the Lego Media/Software/Interactive titles (well, the 1997-2003 games) and I know all the years they were released in.

  3. Lego starwars TCS was made in 2007 I got it in 2008

  4. Lego Star Wars the complete saga came out in 2007 not 2010

  5. we need a lego spiderman game

    i know there was spider man in the two lego games but how bout a spider man game based on comics or movies

  6. i was 4 years old when i played lego Creator Harry potter the Srcerors stone

  7. lego star wars the complete saga did not come out in 2010

  8. Lego pirates of the caribbean isnt here !!!!???

  9. The two best in my opinion are LEGO marvel superheroes 2 and LEGO city undercover.

  10. Lego star wars the complete saga came out 2007

  11. LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER for the WII U was in 2013 released and LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER REMASTERED was released on April 4 2017

  12. Ugh im so frustrated.
    I remember having this film or game about lego and it was the adventure of 2 children and as the story progressed you can choose what path you take. I cant find it anywhere can anyone help?

  13. I have Indiana Jones: the original adventures
    Harry potter 1-4
    Lego Star wars 3(100%)
    Lego Batman 2 (100%)
    Lord of the rings (100%)
    Marvel Super heroes
    The hobbit (100%) disc doesn't work
    Batman 3
    Jurassic World

  14. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga was not released back in 2010, it was 2007.

  15. Lego dimension and lego harry potter 1-4 ?

  16. lego batman 1, 2, star the complete saga, indiana jones, lord of the rings, and DC super villains are the best ones

  17. Skipped a Classic. Pirates of the Caribbean!

  18. Lego hobit, pirates of the caribean, dimentions???

  19. When I was a kid my parents never let me watch a lot of movies, but I could tell you the plot of star wars and Indiana Jones, only with fish instead of swords, and studs instead of actual currency

  20. What about:

    Lego Rock Band
    Lego Harry Potter – Jear 1-4
    Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
    Lego Dimensions

    and maybe more? 🤨

  21. Video title: All LEGO games ever made 1997 – 2018

    You do know it would be 1995 – 2018 because the first LEGO game was released that year..

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