Angry Birds - The Book of Halloween (2018) -

Angry Birds – The Book of Halloween (2018)

Angry Birds
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Mwaahahaha! From spookey cupcakes and hats, to battling The Beast with the help of Iron Maiden’s Eddie the Head. All of this and more in store for you this Halloween.

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  1. 10th one 10th like👍😁
    A like those halloween Updates
    I have AB Match Blast and 2
    Except AB Friends and Evolution

  2. Hey angry birds that’s pretty good happy Halloween I want a Halloween update with witch pigs on a broom in angry birds 2 if you gotta hit them they will fly around the level area and harder to hit you have to hit it 2 times but on land or ground it has normal pig hits

  3. I'm Still Awake… (1:30AM PST Time) But Why Late???… 😦😦😦

  4. falta angry birds seasons pero le doy like

  5. I have angry birds 2 and angry birds match and angry birds evolution

  6. Agry birds mach android compatible where?

  7. Did y’all know this trailer has the same music as the Friends theme of: The Root of all evil?

  8. Why no Angry Birds Seasons… anyway cool

  9. What happened to the Angry Birds from the past?

  10. I remember this song. Little crops of horror 2016.plz bring back for 2019

  11. This is really cool but i want this Halloween update also on AB Seasons!!

  12. No Angry Birds Seasons Halloween updates? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  13. What about angry birds seasons?

    Nice video though

  14. Thank you for bringing back the games (OUO) (only angry birds ones and bad piggies)

  15. rovio … could not do a sequel to angry birds star wars ???

  16. Everything I find is for MOBILE! The only place I have found to play Angry Birds is on Facebook against friends however, I have no friend who PL:AY! It's disappointing! Can someone please show me places I can play that are LIKE A B friends but on my PC-NOT on my phone? There, I should be able to make "friends."

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