Aoife's Game Of The Year 2018 - Marvel's Spider-Man -

Aoife’s Game Of The Year 2018 – Marvel’s Spider-Man

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#SpiderManPS4 There was really only one choice for Aoife’s Game of the Year 2018 – Marvel’s Spider-Man. As a big comic book fan, there’s so much that Insomniac Games just got right here, that we can’t wait for a potential sequel… Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 gameplay

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  1. If spider man is the best game of 2018 I totally agree … if red dead 2 wasn’t so slow not saying it’s a bad game it isn’t far from it in fact it would’ve been number one for me but I love swinging in manhatten

  2. Good to see Sonys close relationship with EG is getting them GOTY for mediocre titles.

  3. I am a bit surprised, thought it'd be Genital Jousting.

  4. I'd agree, it maybe wasn't the best technically or in terms of innovation compared to some titles, but it was probably the game that brought me most enjoyment and fun this year. The story and characters were just excellent.

  5. Looks like you made this video just to be different and go against the flow ! Of course you're totally entitled to your opinion, I totally respect that and this is a really good review. But, a masterpiece is a masterpiece, and that masterpiece is RDR2. ( but even RDR2 has its flaws 🙂 It's been a tough year for a GOTY though, with God of War also on the table.

  6. Awesome video! Spider-Man was such a thrill of a game. Definitely my third favorite game this year behind monster hunter world & god of war.

  7. I'm going to have to watch this later, Im only about 70% through the game, I only got a PS4 about two months ago and have been splitting my time between games

  8. RDR2 and GOW cancel each other out. So Spiderman wins. Got to love science.

  9. Aoife is just a Sony Pony . In all seriousness I love Spider-Man .

  10. a great game ,though the forced stealth sections and having miles morelse shoving his nose into the story all the time was annoying ( i hate that character so much)

  11. Red Dead was way better and has a longer story and wayyy more to it including online and probably years of gameplay to come unlike Spider-Man.

  12. Dry toast with bits of web goo? Peter, you minger.

  13. Listen guys don’t hate me for saying this but uh I didn’t enjoy this game as much as I thought I would. The story is great, don’t get me wrong, but things such as the collectibles are a tedious grind. The combat was ripped straight from the Arkham franchise, and some of the enemy types were not fun to fight. A maxed out level 50 Spider-Man would be killed in 3 hits by a silver sable goon, or types like the demon swordsmen, brutes or riot shield troopers would just use spam attacks or annoying mechanics like pulling you to the ground while web swinging. I’m not trying to shit over your experience if you loved this game- that’s fine, I can see why people love it so much but it just wasn’t for me. God of War 2018 was a much better game imo

  14. The games physics engine sucks ass. Swinging from one side should end the spiderman to go towards that direction, but it doesn't.

  15. Man I still don't get the hype for this game, I played it and just thought it was 'okay'. Outside of the story there isn't really much going on and imo the story was… 'not bad'…

  16. best spider man game ever made but I don't think I would call it game of the year I think red dead redemption is game of the year

  17. The only part I really didn’t like was when you were miles or mj. Out of every time they did it I think it only worked once for each. Being miles running from rhino and mj in the station when Peter was there. Good game though.

  18. The best thing in this game is starting a NG+ while wearing the underwear costume.
    It looks like Peter puts on his suit but then literally jumps out of it when exiting his apartment, possibly out of sheer excitement at the idea of taking Fisk down.

    It's a really funny thing to do in a really fun game.

  19. i love this game too. 2018 was a year in gaming in which I loved nearly every AAA game that released.

  20. Spidey is my GOTY aswell. I love and appreciate God of War and A Way Out too, but Spiderman has a special place in my heart and this game is easily the best Spiderman content across all forms of media for me. Comics, movies, tv-shows or other games, Insomniac's PS4 Spiderman is by far my favorite and I can't wait for the sequel ❤💙

  21. Marvel's Spider-Man: Has the Raimi Suit.

    God of War and Red Dead Redemption: No Raimi Suit.

    The answer is clear.

  22. My only issue with Spidey these days is that he's not set up a Patreon account to take care of his cashflow problems. Seems like a no-brainer to me..

  23. Everyone go and watch Into the Spider-Verse because it truly is an Amazing Spider-Man film.

  24. Into the spiderverse has gotten me excited for the franchise again. Me thinks I should save up to buy this game but I got such a backlog 😁

  25. Couldn't have put it better. Basically one of the best versions of Spider-Man ever, and a delight to play.

  26. Damn you, I wasnt ready to see Mays final cut scene again, not yet…*sigh here come the tears again

  27. Well, we have the same game of the year! I know you probably don't care, but still! ^^ The other thing I preferred in this game, besides the obvious succesful feeling of truly incarnating Spider-man, is the crazy amount of detail Insomniac has put into the modelization of Manhattan. You almost feel like you're touring around it. even resting on balconies, pretending to have a drink, looking at the beautiful interiors of the buildings… CRAZY!! Not to menion the incredible graphics and photo mode. Heck, even the most random thug you encounter can be zoomed in to reveal an insane number of details they've crafted on his clothes, eyes, skin… Wow. Add to that HDR and 4K, for the luckiest gamers out there, and it's an eyepornfest!!! 🙂

  28. It's almost like people missed that this was AOIFE's GOTY. No one said it had to be theirs too, geez.

  29. From the looks of the comments, so many of you missed that this is Aoifes personal GOTY, not the undisputed GOTY and anyone who thinks different is stupid. It's not my GOTY either but Aoife makes a pretty good case based on her personal experience with said game.

  30. This is great pallet cleanser from the VGA, and it's wonderful to see this masterpiece of a game get some recognition after seeing all the heart and love that went into this game to be an authentic Spider-Man story get ignored in favor of God of War which retcon Kratos' whole character.

  31. This was hands down my game of the year. No game came close to the joy that I felt while playing this game!

  32. This was my disappointment of the year. The open world aspect of the game – the side missions, the traversal – have all been done before in the Beenox games. I was expecting more to be honest, not just slightly prettier graphics.

  33. I absolutely hated the drone challenges in the game but other than that I enjoyed it.

  34. Probably my game of the year too, if only because the end made me cry like a baby. Some of the best storytelling I've seen in a game in a long time.

  35. Great video, Aoife! Glad to see Spider-Man as your pick!

  36. I really want to play this but I don't have a PS4 (yet)! I didn't play a lot of new games this year, but the one I liked most was Hitman 2 🙂

  37. Agreed. No game gave me more pleasure in 2018 than Spider-Man. I got about halfway through RDR2 before getting tired of it. GOW was amazing but still sits at number 2 for me.

  38. I didnt expect too much from spiderman to be fair.. .. But its had my attention all through Christmas… Its fun and enjoyable….. What more do you want?

  39. This video has just sold me on this game but what I find interesting is that until now it really wasn’t on my radar. Maybe I overlooked coverage earlier in the year but it feels like eurogamer didn’t have much coverage of it?

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