ASTROTRAIN: Evolution in Cartoons and Video Games (1985-2018) TRANSFORMERS -

ASTROTRAIN: Evolution in Cartoons and Video Games (1985-2018) TRANSFORMERS

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All Appearances of Astrotrain in Animated TV Series / Cartoons and Video Games — from The Transformers G1 (1984-1987) to Transformers Earth Wars (2018)

The Evolution of DC Comics Characters:
The Evolution of Marvel Comics Characters:
The Evolution of Transformers:
The Evolution of Mortal Kombat Characters:

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  1. RW:you forgot his Cyberverse appearance from that show.

  2. You forgot Astrotrain in transformers dotm but he was hidden in the movie for some reason

  3. He seems so small on land but so giant in his spaceship or train mode

  4. Astro train was in live action when star scream bit the dust but hey, thats just a theory

  5. And films because he is under ratchet at his death so he dies and he is the train in dotm that goes past at star screams death and megatons death

  6. Make an video that shows there names

  7. Which he appeared in animated…like a rival to blitzwing

  8. What is your favourite incarnation of Astrotrain?
    Who is next?


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