Behind the Scenes - Spider Man (PS4) [Motion Capture and Early Prototype] -

Behind the Scenes – Spider Man (PS4) [Motion Capture and Early Prototype]

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The making of Marvel’s Spider Man. Motion capture footage and alpha/beta gameplay.


  1. His voice sounded like wwe's Jerry Lawler

  2. Sad that they removed the drifting garbage trucks

  3. I get that they wanted to focus on speed and fluidity but this is a Spider-Man game in order to feel like him you have to be able to swing how ever you want. Why couldn’t they let us swing with L2 as left hand and R2 as right. Imagine if we could’ve swong with both hands (L2 and R2 pressed at the same time) and then wanting to make a sharp left (dubbed clicking L2) while still holding on to the web on Spider-Mans right hand (R2) giving him a spread arm animation then releasing (R2) then Spider-Man gets an iconic pose animation due to him releasing the web on his right hand, which then seamlessly gives him the momentum and ability to turn the sharp left stylishly like in the Sam raimi movies, it’s just so sad that they made the game strictly on the focus of speed and fluidity it’s fine to have that but not to have as the main focus. every other Spider-Man game is similar give us something new and creative.Its sad to see what could’ve been 1:51 and I know the animation where he goes through the metal things is in the game but if they would’ve kept the other animations before that and added more it would’ve been an overall better experience. Spider-Man is flashy and the final product of the game is boring yes I said it the swinging is boring it’s not fun sure it’s satisfying but it’s not fun it’s 2019 why can’t developers incorporate gameplay animations as advanced/ as detailed as the gameplay animations I suggested or for example the tony hawk / skate games you see all the different out comes to the moves you do, it feels infinite. People don’t wanna get random animations we want to trigger the animations we specifically want like for example skate 3 a game made in like 2009. Spider-Man PS4s swinging is repetitive

  4. Awesome. Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

  5. Who was doing Spider-Man in the mocap suit? Doesn't look like Yuri

  6. I thought the stunts irl and the game were all cool!
    The people who made the game are very talented and awesome!

  7. Its Amazing how the creator Of game work hard

  8. prototype 1000 times better than amazing spider 1 & 2 combined

  9. The test game look like made by dreams🤣

  10. AZKIA!jsjdudjdudjhdhdjdhndhdjdjjdndhsjdhdhdjhdhdhdjhdjdhdjjdjrhdjhdhdjduhdhshdh

  11. What the hell they had josh Keaton play electro but not Voice spider man! Eh yurt lowenthal was good enough

  12. can anyone tell how do I become a game developer like this I am a graphic designer right now and I think there is no institute in India?

  13. 1:51 Got me good that looks so cool why is that not a thing

  14. Thx guys for making the spider man game because i love the game I have the game I am done with the story but I still play it

  15. Omg why didn’t they put the swing from 1:52 to 1:58. I hope they do this for miles morales game

  16. Is it just me or the spiderman in this game moves really slow its like he has 250+ pounds when he moves

  17. Guys save for new game of spider-spiner Mulz Maralis

  18. They basically made the movements, setting and story perfect, but then they spent the other 70% making it look really good xD

  19. Wait…they have to use people to make the spiderman game?!?!?!?!? i thought it was just animated?!?!!?!?? this is weird lol

  20. next in to "spider-man Mails molals behind the scenes"!!!

  21. the early build is better than the AVENGERS game…sad

  22. So that's why spider-man walk like a creep

  23. They should’ve hired Tom to do Spider-Man

  24. This is better than homecoming but not TASM 1 maybe 2 but not 1

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