Behind the Scenes - Spider Man (PS4) [Motion Capture and Early Prototype] -

Behind the Scenes – Spider Man (PS4) [Motion Capture and Early Prototype]

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The making of Marvel’s Spider Man. Motion capture footage and alpha/beta gameplay.


  1. This is better than homecoming but not TASM 1 maybe 2 but not 1

  2. They should’ve hired Tom to do Spider-Man

  3. So that's why spider-man walk like a creep

  4. the early build is better than the AVENGERS game…sad

  5. next in to "spider-man Mails molals behind the scenes"!!!

  6. Wait…they have to use people to make the spiderman game?!?!?!?!? i thought it was just animated?!?!!?!?? this is weird lol

  7. They basically made the movements, setting and story perfect, but then they spent the other 70% making it look really good xD

  8. Guys save for new game of spider-spiner Mulz Maralis

  9. Is it just me or the spiderman in this game moves really slow its like he has 250+ pounds when he moves

  10. Omg why didn’t they put the swing from 1:52 to 1:58. I hope they do this for miles morales game

  11. Thx guys for making the spider man game because i love the game I have the game I am done with the story but I still play it

  12. 1:51 Got me good that looks so cool why is that not a thing

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