Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2018 -

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2018

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Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2018
Just like last year, our favorite celebrities have flooded social media with Halloween uploads. But we aren’t mad. On the contrary, many of them brought their A-game to creating original costumes, proving you can’t run out of ideas when you’re willing to put in the effort. Or the riches. Or have a buddy who’s a professional Hollywood makeup artist. Either way, scroll down to check out what looks Sophie Turner, Beyonce, and other celebs have come up with this year and share your favorite celebrity Halloween costumes with us in the comment.


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  1. When celebrities dress as other celebrities 😑 that's not a costume

  2. Imagine your daughter dressing up (and making you dress up) as Elsa for two years in a row, when you literally are the voice of Anna

  3. I don't think this is just 2018, unless the Kardashians had 100 different costumes.

  4. I must be out of touch because I don't even know a bunch of these people.

  5. Isn’t Kylie Jenner already a Barbie? 👀

  6. Beetle juice and Lydia is my fav

  7. Stephen Merchant would be a good Wheatley.


  8. Hol up Camilla mended as in Camilla cabelo and Shawn mendes something is adding up

  9. 3:52 is this a coincidence cuz me and my mom watched Hocus Pocas 2 days earlier

  10. "Ryan Seacrest as his '80s character?" Clearly he is Punky Brewster.

  11. Was I the only one who didn’t know Justin Timberlake had a kid

  12. She already was A barbie, now she IS barbie.

  13. Amy Schumer as Siegfried and Roy 😂😂😂

  14. I wouldn't say BEST celeb costumes, but sure their interesting/entertaining.😅

  15. Why were they afraid to identify Gregg Bello's Brett Kavanaugh costume?

  16. Ryan Seacrest is Punky Brewster…80s character, OMG!

  17. Hm das sind doch fast alles karneval kostüme…🤔 Für mich sind halloween kostüme gruselig💀

  18. NPH and fam always have the best costumes

  19. ofc kylie jenner is barbie. she’s plastic 🤭

  20. I didn't have my glasses on and thought Kourtney Kardashian was Ariana Grande for a second. Lol

  21. Most of these were so cute and adorable, then the Kardashians ruined it; wiped the smile right off my face

  22. I wonder if kylie was making fun of herself knowing she has plastic surgery. If she did good on her on making a joke about it.

  23. i think next year jesse and his husband should be tin tin and snowy from the adventures of tin tin.

  24. Or Emma Watson could just do Beauty and The Beast instead…

  25. Kourtney looked like an unproportionate Ariana lmao. But it was still pretty good

  26. Jay Z made zero effort yet he's on here twice? B**ch please.

  27. 0:53 people said she left the Wizard in world and became a superhero

  28. It shows a certain lack of creativity to just wear your undies and call it a costume. Some people went all out, while others, well like I said, undies do not, by themselves, constitute a costume, lol!

  29. like N sub dont forget to hit the notification bell

  30. I had to stop because I couldn't see from laughing tears. Chrissy's shoes!! I'm done! They are so awful, but so on point! Who is still making these abominations??

  31. So all the kardashians basically went as themselves – wannabe sex dolls.

  32. Dressing up as your sister … shades of Inception right there. 🤔

  33. Ok… I’m just gonna say this. Kristen Bell should’ve been Anna, HER Character she voiced in Frozen!

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