Best Selling Video Games 1979 - 2020 -

Best Selling Video Games 1979 – 2020

Captain Gizmo
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This data visualization video shows the best selling video games since 1979. It includes all their ports for newer systems such as for Super Mario Bros for the Wii, Wii U, etc. It does not include Free-to-Play video games, I will include those in a different video.

For top selling I selected those with 1 million in sales units for the first few years, then those with 5 million in sales for the next few years, then 10 million, etc. This was to avoid crowding the chart and to avoid adding games that don’t even peek out for a single year.

These stats come from Wikipedia, articles and from Google Books searches. Some of the data includes approximate numbers as the data available skipped years.

In the video I included quick clips of how the games looked.


  1. CS:1.6 :
    – Where am I?
    -Fuck,i be forgot….

  2. Peoples, where is legendary game "CS: 1.6"?

  3. Minecraft was shared in year 2010 not 2015.

  4. Crazy how long some of these shitty games were at the top for. Lol

  5. Alternative title: Minecraft vs GTA V gas gas meme

  6. I like Tetris but why count all the Tetris versions as one game? You don’t do that with mario or GTA.

  7. The one thing we can learn from this is that BLOKS make STONKS

  8. That's about how significant graphics over gameplay.

  9. Blocks and pixels. Always the answer.

    Still if u play Minecraft get a rtx 3090 and use rtx lol

  10. Only reason Tetris is up there is because it has 100 sequels on every electronic. Edit: Same with Mario.

  11. Fortnite: You cant defeat me!
    Tetris: I know… But he can!

  12. Someone Played Tetris Porn 🤣🤣🇲🇽

  13. Let's not kid ourselves Fortnite had its shine and was the mot popular game in the world for a year to two years straight, it may have had its hype die down but it still is a very big space in the gaming world.. If there was a way to know all their cosmetic sales and micro transactions I bet Fortnite is topping GTA 5 at the least

  14. Pokemon games actually became so underrated in 2010s.

  15. I can't believe Zelda didn't make this list. Crazy!

  16. Who all waited till end for GTA series arrival?

  17. Counter strike and contra be like
    Whaaat? 😳

  18. I was very confused. Is it right that Diablo 3 sold more copies than WOW?

  19. Super Mario bros. Is the no.1 and it made history.

  20. This is wrong.
    I watch the craze of stret fightet 1 and 2.riger,wonder boy, final fight, etc. In 1995 to 2000

  21. where is counter strike 1.6 ?
    world's most papuler game ever from 1999 to till today

  22. I wish that 2000 year would come back I miss those days 😢 😞 😢

  23. When roblox isn't on the list: my dissapointment is unmeasurable, and my day is ruined

  24. Doom and quake very small games?

  25. Amazedhow they didn’t include counter strike

  26. For me gtav is all time great. The no of units sold by it despite being late and costly is incredible.

  27. Tbh not so sure about this one and also the methodology should be more consistent when determining how to count sales for franchises, i.e tetris vs GTA.

  28. Two of the lamest games ever created are sitting at the top..

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