Best Video Games Consoles in 2020 - How to Choose the best Console? -

Best Video Games Consoles in 2020 – How to Choose the best Console?

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Top 8 Best gaming consoles
✨ Nintendo 3DS XL –
✨ Apple TV 4K –
✨ ​Sony PlayStation 4 Slim –
✨ Microsoft Xbox One S –
✨ Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition –
✨ Sony PlayStation 4 Pro –
✨ Nintendo Switch –
✨ Microsoft Xbox One X –

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  1. Silver
    My favorit console is the nintendo switch and I'm looking forward to the switch pro. Your Videos are great and very entertaining thx!

  2. Nintendo switch for me is the best video game console ever!

  3. Hi bro i am your biggest fan can i get on of this please because i am very poor to buy it please i beg u bro

  4. sound quality is very low please use the better mic i cant her you

  5. Silver
    I want a switch because I always wanted a nintendo

  6. Some real mental gymnastics to turn this list into 8 consoles.

  7. everybody please reply..if i want to start playing games,like high graphics games,what should I get in 2020?? I have a 3ds,a psp,and I can play old nintendo games on my laptop using an emulator..I want to play latest games and more..what should I get?I am just getting into gaming..I am 15 years old

  8. I think Microsoft and Nintendo bribed him

  9. This is great thanks, also what’s the name of the background music? 🙂

  10. Wow. They are really beautiful. Hope you all have a nice day and

    Please help me get to 500subscribers by subscribing to my channel. I post videos like these.

  11. i want a nintendo switch please thank you hipe teck and thex box 1 thank you

  12. This sucks. You lost my when you introduced Apple

  13. roses are red
    violets are blue
    this is fake but we gave him a view

  14. My favourite one is Nintendo switch neon blue and red

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