Blizzard at gamescom 2018 | Day 1 | feat. Video Games Live Concert -

Blizzard at gamescom 2018 | Day 1 | feat. Video Games Live Concert

Blizzard Entertainment
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Watch the Live Stream from the first day of Blizzard at gamescom 2018, including a Blizzard-exclusive Video Games Live concert.
00:00 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Inside Look
34:11 Let’s Play Hearthstone with Thijs & Turps
1:13:01 Video Games Live Concert with Russel Brower
2:14:42 gamescom stories: Heroes of the Storm with Naomi & Turps

Moderators: Mark “Turps” Turpin & Naomi Kyle
Stage host: Melek “m3lly” Balgün
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  1. something new ?? you faild in mephisto spells, role and Skin.. yeah but something new ?? which hero will be next ?, which hero will broken as next ??

  2. Seriously? no reaction FOR THE HORDE? DISAPPOINTED

  3. I liked the music but they really needed to focus on the games not the orchestra.

  4. That has to be very hot on that stage, bring russel some ventilation next time please!

  5. The orchestra part was awesome. I wished that more conventions had live music at them.

  6. "For the Alliance" is SO lame!!

    1) It's totally copying. "For the Horde!"
    2) It's too many syllables to be as easy and cool as "For the Horde."

    Why not give the Alliance something unique and short enough to be a good war cry? I mean, Anduin yells, "Stand as ONE!" in the Lordaeron battle cinematic. That would be an AWESOME battle cry for the Alliance!

  7. Lol Like Blizz is gonna reveal anything before BlizzCon. Gamescom is too close so you know they'll reserve all their content for that.

  8. I came here for Jaina's Warbringers, I am not disappointed

  9. I love how they're acting like changing mouse sensitivity and screen resolution are ground breaking. Idiots.

  10. best Presentation on Gamescon 2018 – Noami Kyle very professional Moderator – the male moderator is too dominant – the Concert is epic – pity, no new games for me Sound Hunter forever

  11. Grim dawn 1 million times better then diablo

  12. Zappiboy is not Rokhan man 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Great music, but orchestra was to small to handle range of every sound in their music. It's sad that most or at least half of heard music was from playback (from movies – speakers). Just to compare, check Hans Zimmer concerts, it sounds completely different in live.

  14. Jaina's song brings me to tears every time I hear it. It is by far my favorite song I've heard. It is so powerful, so emotional, and packs the most storytelling, for lack of a better word, into just a few minutes. I wish I could have been there to see that live. >_<

  15. Does anyone have the concert on the second day? the 23rd.
    I'm sure they recorded the 2nd day too because they were filming.

  16. You can see how un pationate they are about working on Black Ops 4.

  17. 1:26 вот это нормальный ракурс. Это всех женских персонажей ВОВ по этому образцу рисовали 🙂

  18. можно видео музыку отдельно выложить ?

  19. Wie heißt die saftige deutsche Moderatorin, die dieses Jahr bei Blizzard moderiert hat?

  20. did Naomi Kyle was working for IGN before Blizzard?

  21. I'm disappointed they didn't play the Legion Anduin Theme and the warcraft 3 human music.

  22. This game would be garbage if it wasnt for the MUSIC and Sounds of the most amazing game in my 60 years of life…ty WOW you gave me and my family ever so closer than most around us who think we are strange lol..WOW FOREVER-FOR THE ALLIANCE

  23. perhaps she can pack 20 more pounds of cellulite into those jeans

  24. whats with this video all choppy? i have an i7 8700k w gtx 1080 its not on my end, much like the gfx glitches in your wow game.

  25. lame, boring, pathetically immature. incredibly low on real new content – basically pulling the max out of the min.
    all in all, disappointment throughout the entire presentation :'((((((((((

  26. Hey Blizzard, your washed up. You people have lost your way, pathetic.

  27. The music is great but league of legends has better concerts

  28. Bfa may have been disappointing but the music isnt

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