Building a New Spider-Suit - Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 -

Building a New Spider-Suit – Inside Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4

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Spider-Man gets an iconic new suit in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac and Marvel Games share the design process for Spidey’s new Advanced Suit.


  1. Spider Bugs el mejor exclusivo de la play station 🤣

  2. I really like the new suit that they made!!!! It looks freakin spectacular and amazing!!!! But personally, my favorite suit would be the Classic Suit! I just really like the shading and lightness of the color of the suit in this legendary game!!!!! 🙂

  3. Anyone remembers ricochet, dusk, prodigy and hornet suits?

  4. The white gauntlet, sneakers and spider logo is what makes the suit pops

  5. I played most of the main story using homemade suit spiderman because he looks so cool!

  6. Man my favourite game of of the year best spider man game ever my most favourite spider man game and i think it will be game of the year the 2 year wait since 2016 was definitely worth it SPIDER MAN is the best

  7. Honestly don't know if I could go back to the black spider what did you guys do to me

  8. If this doesn’t go with game of the year I’m gonna do a very bad thing…

  9. Used it through the entire game

    …then I hit Level 45. Last Stand Spidey FTW

  10. Sony has done this wrong bring spiderman and red dead redemption 2 to pc plzz sony plzz

  11. Love the big white spider logo; different yet iconic. Though I wish the suit had some more traditional red boots.

  12. i feel like spidey now has a better suit than batman :S

  13. The Insomniac suit is actually the best Spider-Man suit I've seen. It just looks like a much needed modernisation of the classic suit.

  14. I hate Iron suit it says Tony Stark all over it. Spider-man>Iron Man sorry but thats how it is. Spider-man doesn't need Stark he needs his best friend Deadpool!

  15. If it was uploaded in 2019 it would be the game of the year

  16. My most loved spiderman suits are:
    1- iron spiderman
    2- the one that you begin the game with
    3-the home coming suit

  17. Iam sure if you could make your own suit the people will forget about the story mod completely and focus on creating suits 😂😂

  18. the most badass looking version of a spiderman suit

  19. This suit looks neat thats y its my favorite one. But the classic is still great tho.

  20. The front spider logo is too big. I don't know, that's just my opinion.

  21. Kinda weird that it the design of the advance suit is by Otto

  22. Sony, спасибо за Spider-Man | PS4, он вернул мне время фильмов Сэма Рэйми, о Человеке-пауке, буду ждать Spider-Man 2 | PS4 и удачи вам Sony

  23. When was the conversation when they decided the red should look almost orange in the Advanced Suit?

  24. I love the thought process that went into this suit. I love this game.

  25. Hands down my favourite spider-man suit in the game

  26. Add The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 suits

  27. I did not get the chance to get the velocity suit, what can I do?

  28. I wish i knew what the red and blue material was. I'm attempting to make a spider-man suit that could actually function as compression, athletic, and protection gear. Im attempting to do this, however I can't seem to find a right fit for the red material

  29. Love the suit, hope they fix the orange colour in the sequel.

  30. Saw this and ask myself how Venom suit will be?! Similar to the movie maybe?

  31. So this suit the origin is insomniac it hasn't been in the Comics before its not adaptation? I'm just curious I thought all suits were adapted from comics

  32. Producers could've easily mandate a more traditional suit for Spider-Man. The Fact that went for it shows how much they trusted Insomniac

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